What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Knowing what to buy the kids this Christmas can be really hard, especially if they haven’t asked for anything specific, or they already seem to have everything and you’re running out of unique ideas. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for some inspiration for what to buy the kids this Christmas then check out our list of suggestions below that range from birth through to teenagers.

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From birth to age 2

A Soft Toy

Babies and toddlers love to experience the world through their senses, especially touch which is why soft toys are always so popular. They offer comfort, joy, sensory opportunities and the introduction of imaginary play. One toy brand that we are particularly fond of is Lamaze and they have the perfect gift for babies and toddlers this Christmas, the My Friend Jasmine Doll. Not only is she beautiful, colourful and super soft she also comes with crinkly legs, different fabrics and a rattle for extra play options and additional sensory benefits as well as a a clip so that she can be securely attached to the pram or car seat when out and about.

Bath Toys

Bath time is a super fun time for the under twos. They love to splash and experiment with water so bath toys make great gifts. This Peppa Pig one is sure to be a big hit with both the boys and the girls as it features Grandpa Pig and Peppa on board the boat. Both the characters are removable for play and both can be used as squirters too. The deck is also removable and can be used to sift and sieve water and transfer it onto the moveable steering wheel in the middle of the boat, offering lots of play and explorative options for little ones.

Creative Play

From a very young age children are interested in getting creative but sometimes we, as parents, just don’t want the mess, which is where the aquadoodle comes in. This super rainbow deluxe aquadoodle by Tomy is a large mat that comes with 7 accessories and allows your child to draw, doodle and get creative using only water. It is mess free and quick to set up and tidy away and can be used over and over as once the water dries the pictures disappear.

Babby Carrier

Most babies under 2 love to be carried but this isn’t always easy if you need to use your hands, so a baby carrier is ideal. If the parents don’t already have one or could do with an upgrade, then I recommend the Babybjorn Harmony 3D mesh carrier which has a wide seat area and adjustable head support, and it is made of cool mesh with soft jersey details. This baby carrier is suitable from birth and can be used to carry baby in 4 different positions. It is available in 6 colours including the very cute Dusty Pink pictured below.


Buying clothes for under twos is guarenteed to be appreciated by the parents as this is the stage where they grow the quickest moving from one size to the next seemingly overnight but also the time when they require 3-4 outfit changes on a good day! In my opinion no under 2 can have too many clothes.

Of course, if you are buying clothes as a gift you want to make sure it is something special and for that reason you should check out Blade & Rose.

Blade & Rose are famous for their cosy stretchy knitted leggings with quirky nappy bottoms and matching tops. There is so much choice for both boys and girls with lots of unisex options too including their Xmas range pictured below.

what to buy the kids

Geomag blocks 

The award winning Geomag brand is one most people are familiar with but usually for their building sets that are aimed at older children. They do, however, also have a range perfect for those aged 1-5, the Geomag Magicube sets.  These blocks are bright, colourful, chunky and easy to build with as they are magnetic blocks. They are great for helping improve finger dexterity and hand eye coordination and they are also eco friendly as they are made from 100% recycled plastic.

A personalised book

I truly believe that the gift of a book is a special gift at any age. You are giving them so much more than a story, your giving them an escapism, a key to their imagination and at a young age it’s also the gift of time spent with someone else too. If you are thinking of buying a book for a small child then how about a personalised book like the ones from Hector’s Post. These books are beautifully written and have a strong moral behind each story you can choose from

  • Be Brave
  • Be Happy
  • Be Honest
  • Be Calm
  • Be Kind
  • Be Unique

Each book can be personalised with your child’s name and the character can be made to resemble them in the way of skin and hair colour. Seeing themselves play the main character in a book is bound to feel magical.


The 3-4 year olds

For those aged between three and four you can usually start to focus on their likes and dislikes a little bit more, such as favourite cartoon characters, animals or careers. That being said lots of people will do the same and the child may well end up with duplicate gifts or something they may soon go off if they get bored of that particular theme. For that reason I have chosen a few different ideas that I think all 3-4 year olds will love.

Wooden Toys

I am a big fan of wooden toys. They are more eco-friendly than plastic ones and they also look nicer and seem a little bit more special when bought as a gift. Here are two that I particularly like for pre schoolers.

Kidoki Teeter Totter shapes

This wooden game is just adorable. The shapes and colours will really appeal to the children and the activity of getting the pieces to balance are great for developing fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination, not to mention when everything falls down it usually results in giggles. The Teeter Totter shapes is also a relatively small game and doesn’t require much room to play which makes it a great one for taking with you when visiting friends or family or going out for a meal to keep them occupied at the table.

Educational fun

Another way to avoid the cartoon themes and duplicate gifts is to look at educational games which, trust me, will definitely be appreciated by the parents.

Froggy Feeding Fun

One of my go to places for educational toys for my children and God children is Learning Resources, they have so much choice and the quality is brilliant. This Froggy Feeding Fun game is perfect for those aged three and over. The idea of the game is to roll the dice and then catch that number of flies, simple, yet effective. Playing this game will help your child develop their fine motor skills as they manipulate the frog in order to catch the flies, recognise the numbers on the dice and count the correct number of flies, all whilst having fun.


If your three-year-old is a fan of music, youtube, or cartoons then wireless headphones can be a great gift for them and a sanity saver for the parents too. The Buddyphones wireless headphones give you the peace of mind that they can’t accidently get themselves tangled up in wires as well as reassuring you that they won’t damage their ears as they have a safe audio option. It also means that when screen time is a must, like travelling on long journeys, you don’t need to listen to Peppa pig or Cocomelon on repeat. The Buddyphones POP wireless headphones come in four different colours each one with an additional four designs that can be swapped on changed on the outside of the ear covering, so there is something for everyone from animals to DJ’s, patterns to plain colours.

Dozy Dinkum Dolls

If you are looking for a doll for a child this Christmas then the Dozy Dinkum Dolls are adorable. They are suitable from birth, light weight and made from 100% outer cotton. They come in the cutest little outfits that are fixed, so no need to worry about losing bits and having to contend with the toddler.  The other great thing about the Dozy Dinkum Dolls is that they are soft and cuddly but also posable so perfect for nap time and play time alike. There are currently 16 to choose from with a range of skin tones, hair colours and outfits.

A book

Books are perfect for all ages and one of my book recommendations for those aged between 5 and 8 is ‘When Grandma burnt her bra’ by Samantha Tidy and Aska. This story mixes humour with history and is a great way to introduce your child to the idea of equality and women’s rights.


Blade & Rose

If you are wanting to buy clothes for your 3-4 year old (or other ages) then again I urge you to check out Blade and Rose. Not only do they have the festive range featured above but they also have lots of everyday designs including this lovely unicorn set. Their leggings are so soft and comfy and don’t restrict movement at all so great for those that love to run, jump and climb all day long.

Or, if you ‘re looking for more substantial winter wear, like a coat, then Spotty Otter is the go to brand this year. They have a fabulous range of coats in an array of colours that are not only warm and water proof but also fun. My favourite is the Forest Leader Insulated Printer PU Jacket which is fleece lined and available in ages 1-8 and comes in a choice of two colours.

The 5-8 year olds

The 5-8 year olds are our infant aged children. School is now a big part of their life and so too are their friends, so getting the right presents can sometimes be easier as they are full of tales about what their friends are asking for. But if you are still stuck for ideas here are a few suggestions.

A Cuddly Toy

For those aged 5-8 cuddly toys may start to become something of a guilty pleasure. The things they can’t part with but also don’t want to admit they love in front of their mates. This is where the mood bears come in as they are far more sophisticated then your average bear. These bears are available in 2 different sizes and represent 8 different emotions and have been designed using colour psychology. They are the perfect companion to help children (and adults) navigate their emotional journey, plus they are super cute and very soft.

A scooter 

Scooters are great unisex gifts. Kids can use them on their own or when meeting up with friends and practising tricks, skills and racing each other. They have even been know to make the school run a lot easier too! The Xootz Stunt Scooter -Shred 2.0 Teal from Skates is perfect for those aged between 6 and 12, it is lightweight has a 360 degree bar spin and is great for beginners.


For those aged between 5-8 music is usually becoming a thing. They start to develop their own sense of style, likes and dislikes and you’ll often catch them repeating the lyrics to their favourite songs, so getting them a speaker for their own room makes perfect sense. This means they can sing, dance and learn the lyrics to their hearts content without taking over the family rooms.

Planet buddies is a brand we have used before and can recommend. They have Bluetooth speakers available in two designs; Olive the Owl, pictured below, and Pepper the Penguin. Both have 4 hours of play time, a 33ft wireless range and connect easily to most mobile devices. As well as creating great products Planet Buddies is also a really worthwhile company to support this Christmas as they are environmental conscious and dedicated to raising awareness of endangered animals all over the world.

Geomag set

Geomag sets never get old, I mentioned their younger range earlier but here I would like to recommend their older sets. They are brilliant for keeping children engaged for hours at a time. Geomag have loads of sets to choose from and like lego, it doesn’t matter if they already have one set another set will still be loved and used too as they all build something different. This Geomag Mechanics Challenge strike! set is the construction platform that combines the forces of magnetism with a world of mechanical construction, i allows the child to build something that once completed they can actually continue to play with.

Boards games

Board games are another great gift idea for those aged between 5-8. Especially if you opt for games that you can enjoy as a family. Board games offer lots of benefits to kids including fun and family time but also lessons on turn taking, being a gracious winner and loosing without a tantrum! Lessons that may take a while to learn but will be worth it in the end. Here are a couple of recommendations for games this Christmas.

Peek-A-Zoo Bingo Game

The Peek-A-Zoo Bingo game by Kikkerland is perfect for those aged 5 and over. The aim of the game is to identify the animal peeking through the whole and be the first to complete a line to win. It’s a fun game that will help children improve their animal recognition, reflex and attention skills all whilst plating with their friends or family.


If you are looking for some clothes for the 5-8 year olds in your life then have a look at Helly Hansen. They have lots of options, some that are aimed more at girls, some aimed more at boys and lots of unisex options too. We love these Daybreaker lightweight fleeces that are so bright and colourful with 7 different colour combinations to choose from.

Cadburys Chocolate 

Another popular option are sweet treats and Cadburys chocolates have got to be up their with the best of them. Especially when it comes to Christmas selection boxes. Cadburys have this awesome double deck selection box available which is crammed full of all the Cadburys favourites as well as an extra selection box hidden inside.

The 9-11 year olds

Nine to 11 year olds, the juniors, the tweens, call them what you will they are by far the hardest age to buy for in my opinion. Too old and too cool for most toys but most likely too young for the things they actually ask for. But fear not we do have a few suggestions.


Jewellery can make for a very special gift and a thoughtful keepsake and Little Stars specialise in jewellery for children with pieces that are small enough to fit but still mature and stylish enough to make them fel grown up when wearing it. They have a number of beautiful pieces to choose from for both boys and girls and many of the options can also be personalised.

One of my favourite pieces from their collection is the India Necklace, as it is a simple yet stylish heart pendant on a chain, not too big or heavy for children but still big enough for them to know their friends can see it.

Personalised light

As they are starting to find their style and interests a personalised light from Laser Made Occasions might be just the thing. You can pick a design you know they will love such as a football shirt, a cricket set, musical instruments, animals and so much more and then have it personalised with their name. This can then be displayed in their room where they will be able to use a remote control to change the colours to match their mood or interior.

Badminton Set

For kids that love to be active this Yonex badminton set from BadmintonHQ is the perfect gift. It comes with 4 rackets, a carry case, 2 shuttlecocks and a travel net with 4 durable steal frames. Whether they want to play with friends or family this travel set it perfect for the back garden, local park or even to take on their holidays with them.

Deface Race

If you want a game you can all play together over the Christmas period then this is it, fast paced, easy to understand and absolutely hilarious. Deface Race is a fast-paced family game.  The DEFACER scribbles on the picture card to ‘deface’ the picture into a character for their teammates to guess. The teammates have to guess as many ‘deface’ characters as they can within the 30-second timer. Next round Team 2 do the same – the team with the most guesses WINS!

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Another option for a hilarious family friendly game is What Do You Meme? (family edition). You will all be presented with the same photo and using the cards you have you need to battle to select the funniest caption to create the best meme. With 300 captions and 65 photos there are so many potential combinations to be made that you are sure to have hours of fun playing this.

Karate Cats & Kung Fu Dogs

Another game aimed at the over 8’s is Karate Cats & Kung Fu Dogs. This game is a furiously fast card game where you will need to have your wits about you to be able to get rid of all your cards the quickest and karate chop any piles of three when needed. This is a game that is sure to end in laughter and lots of martial arts practice.

For a more festive game then how about Christmas-opoly by Cheatwell games. All the fun of the original game but with a holiday twist where you have the opportunity to own the North Pole, Santa’s workshop and Hot Chocolate Highway, just watch out for those Bahumbugs along the way.


Most kids love sweets and whether you buy these as their main gift or as an add on they will be sure to put a smile on their face. Swizzels would be our sweet of choice, not only do they have all the nostalgia of party bags from the 90’s but they also taste great, are vegan friendly and have a great choice for everyone.

The high schoolers!

If you are shopping for a high schooler then I wish you the best of luck! Aside from all things electronic, gaming or make up related we have come up with a couple of other suggestions for you.


Teenagers are often starting to become aware of their own style, they know the brands they like (and don’t like), what’s cool and what isn’t but they don’t always have the funds to back this up. So, whilst gifting clothes may seem a bit boring, if you get the brand and style right chances are your gift will be one of their favourite and definitely one of the ones they get the most use out of. One brand that is popular at the moment is Helly Hansen who have a range of products covering all budgets from beanies to coats and everything in between. We particularly like these Crewline polo shirts that are available in sizes XS-2XL, so perfect for teenagers and you can choose from 4 different colours.

Mobile Phone

Once the kids hit high school a mobile phone is top of their list if they haven’t already got one, and to be fair now they are traveling to and from school alone, going out with their mates after school and at weekends and maybe even going to extra curriculum clubs without you to chances are they will need one for safety reasons. If you are thinking of treating your teenager to a phone then I can recommend the TLC 36O. You can purchase it on a contract or as sim only whatever works best for you.

The TLC 360 is great for teenagers as it has

  • 6.52″ V-Notch screen
  • 2 day battery life (usage dependant)
  • Tripple rear camera
  • 5MP Front camera with HDR and Auto Capture
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint sensors

Phone accessories 

If you are buying your teenager a phone this year then accessories will make for great stocking fillers, table gifts or gifts from family members.

A phone stand

Another great gift idea for the tech savvy teenagers is a phone stand and this one from Kikkerland is perfect at only £10. It enables them to use their phone hands free, perfect for streaming or taking endless selfies, it can be adjusted up to 45 degrees, has space to connect the phone charger and an anti-slip weighted tray at the bottom for bits and pieces like their headphone case.

Futliit back pack

The Futliit back pack is a revelation! It has been designed with a group of teenagers to ensure it meets their requirements as well as having LED lights on so that it can double up as a piece of visibility equipment when walking in the dark, keeping both child and parent happy. The lights can be turned on from a button on the strap so in the light it looks like any other school bag but when it gets dark it can be turned on very quickly with no need to remove the bag to look for switches.


You’re never too old for a family games night and if you want to keep it festive then how about Christmas Games by Cheatwell. This is great value for money as you actually get 8 games in 1 including some cheeky chuckles, family favourites, quizzes and card games. Suitable for those aged 12 and over so no complaints that they are too old for this board game!

Another great game by The Happy Puzzle Company that will really make them think is Lost 4 Words. This one is suitable for those aged 10 and over and requires the players to find the single word that can be placed before or after each word on the card to create four new words. You need to have a good vocabulary and be a quick thinker for this one but be warned, all those words you thought you know will suddenly vanish fro your memory when the clock is ticking.

what to buy the kids for Christmas

If you are buying for a child at the top end of this age range then how about a more (im)mature game aimed at those specifically over 16 like We’re All Gonna Die by Ginger Fox Games. A game where team work and collaboration is of paramount importance if you want to cheat death!

Sweet Treats

Most kids love chocolate, sweets and popcorn and those that do will probably love festive ones even more. But as a high schooler they are probably a little to cool for the off the shelf regular range so why not treat them to some fancy pop at home novelty chocolate spouts instead. These cool bottles from Popcorn Kitchen contain gourmet popcorn kernels you can pop yourself at home along with oodles of Belgium chocolate drops and some delicious chocolate ganache sprouts

Art work

Art work isn’t just for nursery’s, I am also recommending it for the teenagers too. You could opt for a nice picture, a meaningful quote or a portrait of their favourite sportsman, singer or actor. Hidden Prints have some great pieces available and don’t forget if you use code TSF15 you get 15% off.

I hope this has given you some ideas for what to buy the kids this Christmas regardless of their age. But most of all I hope you all have a wonderful festive time and if you’re still stuck for ideas for the teenagers the check out this gift guide for more ideas on what to buy those tricky teenagers this Christmas.

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