Steffi Love Dolls | Review

We were sent two of the Steffi Love dolls from the new animal range, Kity Love and Happy Animal, both of which are perfect for our animal loving little girl. There are lots of dolls available in the animal range which all come with different animals, however if your little one isn’t animal crazy like ours then don’t worry as they also have other themes such a sports themed Steffi love dolls too.

Kitty Love

The Kitty love set includes one Steffi love doll appropriately dressed in a cat themed skirt and “cat mom” tee. She comes with a color changing cat whose face you can wipe clean (until it reappears dirty again) and cat related accessories such as a bowl, toy, collar, drinks bottle brush and ball of string. This set is currently £11.99 on Amazon.

steffi love dolls
It is a really cute set with great attention to detail taken and accessories to fir pretty much every activity a child will be able to think of t with a cat. The added bonus of the colour changing dirty face is a fun twist that kids will love.

Happy Animal

The Happy Animal set comes with a Steffi Love doll mum and a smaller daughter doll. This set is slightly bigger and as well as the two dolls you also get three rabbits, a rabbit run/climbing frame and multiple accessories including bowls, food bucket, brush and a ball.

steffi love dolls

Both of the Steffi love doll sets are perfect for imaginative play. Their arms and legs move making them easier to manipulate when children are trying to create role play scenarios.

The Steffi Love doll animal range can also be used to help children learn how to care for animals and practice those routines.

steffi love dolls

The dolls are currently available at amazon, very and Hamley’s and are great value for money and would make great Christmas gifts for your children this year.

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