What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Knowing what to buy the kids this Christmas can be really hard, especially if you are trying to follow the do’s and don’ts of what to buy kids. Or maybe they just haven’t asked for anything specific, or they already seem to have everything, or you’re just running out of unique ideas. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for some ideas for what to buy the kids this Christmas then check out our list of suggestions below that range from birth to teenagers.

I hope it helps.

From birth to age 2

Bath products

If you are buying for a tiny baby it may be better to buy something that you know the parents will use with the baby, like some luxurious bath products, instead of things to grow into. Chances are babies will have already received lots of gifts due to baby showers and birth gifts. If you do want to opt for bath products then these ones from Joone are lovely. They are high quality, eco-responsible, traceable and transparently-produced parent and baby products made in France.

Their baby products include

Baby wipes

Hair and body wash

Moisturising milk

Micellar cleansing water

These items can be bought individually or as gift sets.

what to buy the kids this christmas

A Christmas jumper

If you are buying for a 1-2 year old then how about treating them to a lovey festive jumper. Miss Peacock Makes is an online store run by Lisa, AKA Miss Peacock, who, after being inspired by her new niece, hand makes lovely children’s clothes. She is passionate about being eco friendly and promoting gender neutral clothing.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Art Work

Art work can be the perfect gift for a young baby as it will grow with them, doesn’t take up much room and will last. If you know what their nursery or bedroom is like you can choose a lovely piece to complement the décor. For an extra touch you could also get it framed so it is ready for the parents to hang.

I love this rainbow one from Ink and Drop but there are loads of other ones to choose from as well as having the chance to opt for a personalised one.

Dontoy Coffee Set

One of our favourite toy brands is Dontoy because all their toys are so durable and gender neutral. They are a fantastic eco friendly brand and make their toys from bioplastic.

They have loads of items to choose from including this 16 pieces coffee set which is just perfect for imaginative play and teddy bears picnics.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Personalised book

Buying a gift for a baby or a toddler can get tricky as they often already have loads of toys. If that is the case for the child you are buying for them a personalised book from Super Personalised Books may be the perfect gift.

Personalised books are not just fun gifts that kids love but they also make wonderful educational gifts that encourage reading as well as heart warming keepsakes the child can treasure for years to come. With  Super Personalised Books you can not only insert the name of the child into the story but you can also change the characteristics of the main character so that they look like the child you are buying for. This will really help to make them feel like this book is all about them.

what to buy for kids this christmas

Super Personalised Books start from £15 and they have loads of stories to choose from, from holiday themed ones like Christmas, activities like football and more imaginative tales like unicorns as well as lots more. You are sure to find the right book for you little one.


what to buy the kids this christmas

Geomag blocks 

The award winning Geomag brand is one most people are familiar with but usually for their building sets that are aimed at older children. They do, however, also have a range perfect for those aged 1-5, the Geomag Magicube sets.  These blocks are bright, colourful, chunky and easy to build with as they are magnetic blocks. They are great for helping improve finger dexterity and hand eye coordination and they are also eco friendly as they are made from 100% recycled plastic.

what to buy the kids this christmas

A Grab ‘n Go Booster seat

Another idea for a great practical gift is a travel high chair and this grab ‘n go booster seat from Dreambaby is ideal. It might not seem like an exciting gift for the child in question but I am pretty sure the parents will be thank you for it. Whether thy plan to go on holiday, eat out, or keep it at the grandparents house these booster seats are perfect. They are light weight, compact and durable and come with adjustable safety straps and a 3-point harness ensuring your little one is safe and secure.

Having a grab ‘n go booster means your child can join the family at the table any time anywhere regardless of whether you have access to a high chair or not. imply attach this to a regular chair and you are ready to go. They are great for meal times but also for encouraging little ones to join in with table top activities like arts and crafts as there is no tray to get in the way they can sit right up to the table like everybody else.

The 3-4 year olds

For those aged between three and four you can usually start to focus on their likes and dislikes a little bit more, such as favourite cartoon characters, animals or careers. That being said lots of people will do the same and the child may well end up with duplicate gifts or something they may soon go off if they get bored of that particular theme. For that reason we have chosen a few different ideas that we think all 3-4 year olds will love.

Design and Drill

This design and drill fire truck set is an awesome gift for any buddying builder. The child get to use “real” tools to create a toy that they can then play with over and over again. It has so many elements to it from the “real” tool, to the fire truck itself as well as the extras including the fire officers and dog. This toy will help your child with hand eye coordination, imaginative play and teach them about the fire service all through having fun.

If the fire truck doesn’t take your fancy they also have other toys in the Design and Drill range including a very cute flower power station.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas


Cash register

Cash registers are popular versatile toys. This particular one from Learning Resources is an impressive solar powered calculator cash register that comes complete with both notes and coins. It is a great educational toy, perfect for girls and boys. It open up a whole world of imaginative play with endless role play options from shops to cafes to banks and days out. They can practice their maths and money management all through play.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

BiGDUG tool bench

Inspired by the BiGDUG BiG400 Heavy Duty Workstation, the LiTTLEDUG Workstation is a must-have present for young engineers, DIY gurus, decorators, builders, and for any kids who want to help Mum & Dad out with odd jobs around the house.  The workstation comes with a mini tool set, including

a spanner

socket spanner




and a vice. 

Colour in accessories

If you are buying for a child that likes to colour or draw then check our Eat Sleep Doodle.  They have a whole range of products that your child can colour in themselves. We have previously used their pencil case and pillow cases, both a big hit in our house. This year however I am recommended the table cloth. This is perfect for using on the big days itself as it will keep everyone, not just the child, entertained between courses as they colour away at the dinner table, or for a less formal day like boxing day.

Magic blanket baby

These magic blanket babies are so cute. They are mystery plush babies hidden in magic blankets. All you (or the child if you let them join in) have to do is cuddle, rock and bounce the baby until she sings you her special song letting you know she is ready to unwrap. Once unwrapped you will discover one or two beautiful little babies. This is one of the most adorable doll toys I have ever seen.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Organic clothing

If you are wanting to buy clothes for your 3-4 year old (or other ages) then I urge you to check out the Frugi website. They have some of the most beautiful items from birth through to adult hood. Their designs are all bright, colourful and fun and they definitely don’t resemble clothes from the high street. We are big fans of Frugi here and love that they create eco friendly, organic clothing that is made to last. They have clothes for all ages and all seasons including a lovely Christmas range.

The 5-8 year olds

The 5-8 year olds are our infant aged children. School is now a big part of their life and so too are their friends, so getting the right presents can sometimes be easier as they are full of tales about what their friends are asking for. But if you are still stuck for ideas here are a few suggestions.


Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are all the rage at the moment, especially for children in primary school. They are great at keeping children occupied and their hands busy which is perfect when you are out and about. These tangle pets by Zuru are cute and easy to use, small enough to fit in your pocket and best of all there are several to collect.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Geomag set

Geomag sets never get old, I mentioned their younger range earlier but here I would like to recommend their older sets. They are brilliant for keeping children engaged for hours at at time. Geomag have loads of set to choose from and like lego, it doesn’t matter if they already have one set another set will still be loved and used too as they all build something different. This Geomag Mechanics Gravity set allows them to not just build another model but to actually build a working circuit with loops and turns that they can then put to the test once completed.

Drinks bottles

I’m sure this is not your first thought when you think of a Christmas gift for a child but it is a very useful one. Most 5-8 year olds attend school and will need to take a drinks bottle and maybe even a lunchbox with them, therefore having a cool water bottle is a must. These ones from Contigo not only offer great designs but they are also spill proof and easy to clean. If they do take a lunch box then you can also get them the matching food contains, perfect for cold food in summer and also hot food in winter.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas



If you think toys, books and games are not needed then how about opting for clothing. But instead of opting for something they could pick up on the high street maybe go for something a bit more unique from a smaller business like Wilder Waves instead. Their range of clothes are beautiful and the quality is great. A new jumper will be a much appreciated and well used gift and one like this Vitamin Sea one is sure to be the envy of their friends as they start to set their own trends.


Computer Game

If the child you are buying a gift for has a games console then maybe you could buy them a new game for it. Most games are available as digital downloads or discs these days. Digital downloads are perfect for those that you wont see over the festive period as there is no need to worry about posting it you can simply give them the code but for those you will see a disc is always nicer as it gives them something to open. One of the most popular games at the moment is Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R where you get to take on the role of one of the Spy Racers and take down SH1FT3R! by  racing in a full throttle global racing tournament. It is available for the PC, XBOX, PS4 and the Switch.

Cadburys Chocolate 

Another popular option with the 5-8 years olds is sweet treats and Cadburys chocolates have got to be up their with the best of them. Especially when it comes to Christmas selection boxes. Cadburys have this awesome double deck selection box available which is crammed full of all the Cadburys favourites as well as an extra selection box hidden inside.

If this seems like too much chocolate (although I am not convinced that’s a thing) then they also have smaller selection boxes on offer and amazing advent calendars like the one below where your child will need to ration their intake to one a day.


The 9-11 year olds

Nine to 11 year olds, the juniors, the tweens, call them what you will they are by far the hardest age to buy for in my opinion. Too old and too cool for most toys but most likely too young for the things they actually ask for. But fear not we do have a few suggestions.

Brain bolt

Although games are becoming less of a thing now your child is in juniors the brain bolt is still bound to be a big hit. It is an addictive memory game that will have your child not only challenging themselves but also the whole family and as it is only small in size it is perfect for taking with you when travelling.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Treasure trail

If you are looking for a gift that encourages your child to head outdoors and get exploring then treasure trails is where you need to look. Treasure trails are self guided treasure trails that take you through the winding backstreets and hidden corners of villages, towns and cities around the UK. You have to crack the clues unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end.

With 100’s of locations  to choose from covering all major cities there is sure to be one near you. They are perfect for getting the whole family to spend time together as well being fun for all ages.

Painting pendulum

For those that love art and/or then this is the gift for them. The Painting pendulum encourages your child to learn about the forces of gravity while making art at the same time. First they must build the pendulum and then they can get creative with it.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

Fidget toys

Fidget toys are very popular in most schools, even in the juniors. Original designed to help those with attention difficulties they actually appear to be loved by the masses and these two are bound to be a hit. The tangles are available in fuzzy or metallic, both giving a very different sensory experience but the same fidget experience as you twist and turn it it every which way keeping those hands busy so the mind can concentrate on other things when needed. These handy little pocket sized ones are great as stocking fillers or table gift too.

What To Buy The Kids This Christmas

The high schoolers!

If you are shopping for a high schooler then I wish you the best of luck! Aside from all things electronic, gaming or make up related we have come up with a couple of other suggestions for you.

A voucher for an experience

Once kids hit high school they usually become far too cool for toys so why not treat them to an experience instead. Buyagift have loads of experience vouchers on offer from adrenalin filled driving days to magical tours of Harry Potter world. There is definitely going to be something that your high schooler will love and most experiences can be booked for two so why not use this as an opportunity to not only treat them but to also spend some quality time with them too.

what to buy the kids for christmas

A game

Most high schoolers think they are too old for games until you crack open one with an age restriction on the box then they feel all grown up and cant wait to play! Out of Order is a 14 plus game for 2-6 players and if bound to have them eager to play. Out of order is a trivia game with a twist, you have to answer just 5 easy questions BUT you don’t answer the question at hand you answer the previous one. It is fast paced, hilarious and so so simple yet so so hard! The perfect post Christmas lunch for everyone aged 14 and over.


Urbanista Lisbon earbuds

Most high schoolers love listening to music, gaming, watching you tube on their phone or using an ipad and therefore will be thrilled with a air of these Urbanista Lisbon ear buds that will give them that little bit more privacy. These earbuds are


and available in a range of cool colours.



Have a teenager that is a keen reader? Or maybe a football fan? Even better if they are both as this book would make the perfect gift. It is The Crystal Palace Chronicles by Graham Whitlock. A book about a teenager called Joe whose world is turned upside down when he travels back in time and uncovers dark secrets about the “People’s Palace”. Your teenager will be hooked from the very beginning and if they do love ten make sure they grab the next book in the series too.


Teenagers are pretty impressed with gadgets and gizmos. Most of them also love fizzy drinks. So how about getting them the unique gift of their very own Drinkmate? The Drinkmate countertop allows them to carbonate their drinks at home. This can be water, juices, iced tea or coffee, mocktails, and even flat soda, they can literally add sparkle to any drink they like! Plus when their not looking you can always borrow it and add some fizz to your own wine, beer or cocktails too if you like. They are available in a variety of stylish colours and kits and make a great gift for the kid that already has it all.


Most kids love chocolate and those that do will probably love festive chocolate even more. But as a high schooler they are probably a little to cool for the off the shelf regular range so why not treat them to some fancy chocolates instead. These Monetzumas chocolate are a must try, if not for them then for you! They have lots of flavours the sweetest salted caramel and white chocolate balls to the strongest and darkest 100% cocoa chocolate I have ever tried. They definitely cater for all taste buds and you will be hard pushed to not find something they love.

They also have advent calendars too if you haven’t bought those yet.


Or more specifically festive Haribo sweets. As the saying goes “Kids and adults love them so..” that includes even the grumpiest of teenagers so why not put a smile on their face with some of these. You can opt for individual bags, tubes or even a hamper full of their all time favourites. The festive range is fab and includes giant gummy Christmas trees or bags of a festive mix. Whether you need a stocking filler or a show stopper Haribo have you covered.

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Check out this gift guide for more ideas on what to buy those tricky teenagers this Christmas.

I hope this has given you some ideas for what to buy the kids this Christmas regardless of their age. But most of all I hope you all have a wonderful festive time.