BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones | Review

What are BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Headphones?

BuddyPhones are the creators or fun headphones for kids. They come in a range of funky colours with fun characters on the side to appeal to the imagination of kids. The BuddyPhones Cosmos+ active noise cancelling wireless headphones are the latest and most technically advanced headphones in their collection.

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These headphones have a number of fantastic features including

Bluetooth connection

Buddy linking

Active noise cancelling 

Detachable mic

Study mode

Three different listening modes

And volume-limiting circuitry for kids’ hearing protection

What’s included?

The buddyphones arrive well packed in a nicely decorated box. Inside you get

the active noise cancelling wireless headphones

a hard case in the matching colour

removable mic

charging wire

wire to connect to devises


active noise cancelling wireless headphones

The Buddyphones have so many features, some of which you may not be familiar with, so here is a little more information to help you decide if the BuddyPhone Cosmos+ active noise cancelling wireless headphones will be beneficial for your children.

What do active noise cancelling headphones do?

If you haven’t used active noise cancelling headphones before then let me explain what that means. On the BuddyPhones there are little speakers on the outside of the headphones and a button on the side. Once the button has been pressed the microphones detect any ambient noise and then play back an inverted sound wave that cancels out the original sound. This feature is best used when in loud spaces or when traveling either on planes or on long car journeys as it cancels out the back ground movement noise.

What is the Buddy Link?

The buddy link is a fantastic feature that allows the BuddyPhones headphones to connect to a device via Bluetooth and then connect to a second pair of headphones via the buddy link cable allowing two people to listen to the same program/music together on the same device. This feature will definitely reduce the number of arguments in your family if you only have one available device and two children, especially during car journeys where the children are sat close together and can easily use the buddy link and share. It also means that with two kids using headphones and not arguing over who gets to watch what you can drive in peace and with fewer distractions instead of having to  listen 100 episodes of Peppa Pig.

What is Study Mode?

Study mode allows your child to tune in to the voice that is speaking and reduce the background noise such as music, other voices or low level disruption. This mode is brilliant if your child is using these headphones for online learning with school, tutors or extra curriculum groups where they need to focus on what is being said. To activate this mode all you or your child needs to do is push the button on the left headphone up and that’s it, simple.

active noise cancelling wireless headphones


Our active noise cancelling wireless headphones review

The first thing I want to point out is that, unlike some other headphones, these headphone need charging when you first use them, we spent a good 5 minutes trying to turn them on! However, they do charge quickly and once fully charged they have a battery life of 24 hours which is great. They are very easy to use, so much so that once you have shown the children how to activate the different features they will be able to use them all themselves. They connected to our phones and the Ipad very quickly and we haven’t had any issues changing them from one devise to another at all.

The sound quality is brilliant and as a parent I personally love that I can have peace of mind knowing that they are noise limited and therefore will not cause or contribute to any noise related hearing problems.

The headphones themselves also have very padded ear pieces making them super comfortable and the band across the top can be lengthened so they can grow with your child or be used by children of multiple ages.

active noise cancelling wireless headphones

There are so many great functions on the Buddyphone wireless headphones but I think the best ones for us are

The removable mic – this is such a good way to ensure the mic doesn’t get bent or broken when it isn’t being used.

The hard case – perfect for traveling. As a family we often spend weekends on the side-lines of various football pitches watching the kids play, having wireless headphones in a hard case means we can take these with us and who ever isn’t playing can listen to music or watch you tube but the hard case means I am not worrying about them getting broken between matches.

Bluetooth  – Kids and wires do not go. They always seem to forget they are plugged in and either start doing some rendition of twister leaving them tangled and me worried they are going to strangle themselves or they repeatedly pull the wires out of the ports accidently but roughly and breaking them. Wireless gives the kids the freedom to wiggle and move to their hearts content whilst they listen to one thing and get distracted by another. It also means that we can connect them to any device that has bluetooth, which these days is pretty much every mobile phone so if the battery goes on one we can always reconnect them to another or they can take their headphones to their friends or grandparents house without needing to take a device if they have one there they can use.

Although we reviewed the deep blue BuddyPhones headphones with pirates pictures on there are also 7 more setsĀ  to choose from including some really cute rose pink princess ones and matt grey scientist ones. There is bound to be a design that your child will love.