4 Ways You Can Help Your Child Enjoy Senior School

The transition from junior school to senior school is a big one and can take some getting use to. It doesn’t matter whether the child is going to the local or comp or this private school in Leicester there will certainly be some big changes taking place. Children go from having one or two teachers and one classroom to having up to 10 teachers and potentially 10 different classrooms, sometimes across more than one building. Alongside this they will also have daily homework with different deadlines and an assortment of extra curriculum activities. For a number of children this transitional period isn’t just school based either, instead it ca also see changes happening in the way they are treated at home too. They may start to be being left home alone for short periods of time, getting the bus to and from school independently and taking on other responsibilities. Luckily, most child relish this experience but for some it can be very daunting so here are 4 ways you can help your child get the most out of their senior school experience.

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Try everything

Encourage your child o try everything and anything that appeals to them. They do not need to stick with every activity for their entire senior school experience but now is the time to find out what they do and don’t like. In year 7 most clubs will have a starter session for exactly this reason. Talk to your child about the extra curriculum activities on offer at the school and encourage them to give them ago even if they think there friends aren’t going, who knows if they go their friends may too, and if not then it is the perfect opportunity to make new ones.

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Be organised

Help your child get to grips with their timetable early on. Have it printed off and put up in their room. Add to this extra activities, both in and outside of school hours so they can clearly see what is on when and what they need to take each day. Encouraging them to pack their bags the night before will also make this easier and with bags packed, bus routes or pick ups arranged they are more likley to attend the various school activities they want as it will be less stressful and much more manageable.

Allow them to express themselves

Senior school is a time in a child’s life when they can really get to know who they are and who they want to be. Allow them to express themselves in a safe way. Talk to them about their likes and dislikes at school, allow them to quit clubs they’ve tried but don’t enjoy without making them feel like they have failed. Praise the areas where they excel and encourage them to follow their passions and get involved yourself when you can. This may be getting tickets to watch them in a show, supporting them in a sports match or even taking them shopping for new clothes, music or makeup that are inline with their new versions of themselves. Allowing them to express themselves in a safe environment and discuss these changes with you will mean they happier at school and are more likely to continue to do so as they get older and make more serious lifestyle choices.

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Talk to the teachers

Help your child understand from day one that their relationship with the teachers is important. They need to be respectful and polite with all of them, even if they don’t enjoy their lessons. This isn’t just about doing the right thig but also about helping them get the most out of their school experience. If they have a good relationship with their teacher it is more likely that they will feel able to ask for help on homework or projects when they get stuck instead of feeling they can’t talk to them. Another reason to encourage your child to have positive relationships with all of their teachers is because you never know when their paths may cross again. The Russian teacher may deliver the hardest or most boring lessons and your child might dread these lessons and therefore not be as courteous to that teacher creating a bitter relationship only to then find out that the very same Russian teacher is also the person who id delivering the after school chess club, going on the residential, or selecting the candidates for the upcoming talent show that your child is desperate to be a part off. Having good relationships with all of the teachers with vastly improve their senior school experience.