Top Tips For Helping Your Child With Their Homework

Homework, children either love it or hate it, there’s not always an in-between! Some academic children might relish the opportunity to learn more and to share their knowledge, even choosing to do extra homework when offered the chance. For these children apps like Kidsmart and Educational Quizzes will work well.

Others might find it very difficult to concentrate at home and resent the infringement on what they see as their personal downtime. It’s this distinction which needs work if your child isn’t keen on homework.

Let your child know that homework is non-negotiable and that the sooner it’s completed, the sooner they can relax and do as they choose. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to complete it as soon as your child arrives home from school, unless of course they have extra curriculum activities they need to attend to first. They’re still somewhat in a “school mindset” and you can capitalise on this by offering them a snack and checking over their homework whilst they eat it.

If it can not be completed straight after school then do it at the next available opportunity and create a sense of urgency without adding stress to the situation. Letting them know that as soon as it’s done, they can go to the park or play their favourite board game or whatever it is that they enjoy will mean that they’re keen to complete homework quickly.

Ensure they have a calm, tidy workspace

Try and create the perfect study space for your child. This might mean a spare room that can be turned into a study/office or a desk in a quiet area of their bedroom or a living area, or it might even mean sat at the kitchen table. Whatever it means for your household, ensure that siblings do not create a distraction and that your child has everything they need to hand to complete their homework with ease.

Always check their schedule

Some children can reliably stay on top of their homework from a relatively young age whilst others may still need support into their teens. Encourage your child to monitor their own homework and deadlines as this will help your child become more independent but you may also need to double check your child’s homework books and see that tasks are completed and handed in on time whilst they get used to this new routine. Checking will also show them that they can’t simply out tasks off as you will notice and likewise if they are managing the work load well themselves they will know you can see that too and will be proud of themselves.

Keep an open dialogue with their teachers

If you notice your child is especially reluctant about one or two subjects or that they seem to be struggling, do speak to their teacher and together you can motivate your child to learn. It is helpful if both you and their teacher understand your child’s learning style so that you can encourage them to continue this style at home when completing homework. Teachers are often busy so you might find an email is more effective than trying to call them or catch them at school.

If you stay in touch with your child’s teachers and build a relationship with the teacher then you will be able to work together to solve any issues. This independent girls’ school in Surrey encourages plenty of conversation between parent and teacher so there’s always a support system in place.

The best schools don’t overload their pupils with homework but choose important tasks which will augment learning and help cement important facts.

Take Omega 3 and 6 supplements

A great way to help your child with their homework is to ensure thy are getting all the recommended vitamins that they need especially Omega 3 and 6 as they help support brain function, concentration and eye health. As a family we recommend Equazen.

If your child needs to do homework, or attend a tutor session, online then active noise cancelling wireless headphones are a great piece of equipment that can help them to listen and focus on the teacher and may be beneficial when trying to help them with their homework.

If your child is currently studying for their 11 plus then check out these free resources to help them with their revision.