5 Things To Consider When Designing A New Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen it is easy to get carried away with all he latest mod cons and newest trends, which is fine if your budget will allow for it but if it wont then you may find that re designing a new kitchen is a bit of a minefield and can get very overwhelming very quickly.

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So, in order to make designing your new kitchen a joy instead of a chore it is best to consider these 5 things before you start. Grab a pen, sit down and make some notes and hopefully at the end of this exercise you will have a much clearer idea of the type of kitchen you want before you hit the shops.

What do you want to use the space for?

This may sound obvious and you automatically think cooking but what else? Do you want to entertain in this space? If so you need to consider having some open floor space for people to move around. Or perhaps you would rather be able to entertain in the style of dinner parties and therefor a dining table may need to be your focus point with the kitchen working around it. If you know you want to entertain in the kitchen but are unsure if you are thinking more parties than sit down meals or visa versa then consider adding in a breakfast bar or island. These are perfect if you like to cook whilst entertaining as your guest can join you and relax with a drink whilst you cook up a storm.

designing a new kitchen
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Who lives in your house?

 The kitchen is often the heart of the home and you need to think about whose home this is. If you have toddlers then high gloss cabinets are going to be a nightmare to keep clean from all the sticky fingers. If you have teenagers then having self closing cabinet doors will save you from the damage of them slamming doors and draws when hunting for their favourite snacks. If you have pets then you may also need to think about the best type of flooring for them.

If your washing facilities are in your kitchen as opposed to a utility room and you have a large family or sport mad kids then consider that area too. So many people put the washing machine in as an after thought when in fact it is one of the most used appliances in the family home and you may wish to create a utility style area to one side of the kitchen.

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What style do you like?

What look do you actually like? Head to pintrest and search through pictures of kitchens and see which ones grab you. Do you love a high glass finish or more of a wooden shaker look? Do you prefer light or dark colours? What about your countertops? Would you like them to match the splashbacks or be different? Do you want high maintenance ones like real wood or granite or would you prefer ones that still look great but require little to no after care like the click countertops. Once you know which ones you like the look of use a square footage calculator for countertops to see just how many you need. This may also make you change your mind about the style and colour as if you need a large amount the ones you originally had in mind might become over powering and a lighter colour may be more suitable.

Once you have your counter tops, splashbacks or tiles picked out then it’s time to consider the flooring. Do you want something hardwearing and beautiful like engineered wood flooring or would you prefer tiles in a similar style to those you have used on the walls. If the room is open plan then don’t forget to consider how the flooring will work as it transitions from one to another.

What appliances do you need?

As I mentioned before it is very easy to get carried away when designing your new kitchen. There are so many incredible inventions today that will make any kitchen look amazing but if you won’t use them then they  really are a waste of money and they will be taking up space you could use for something else. Write a list of all the appliance that you need and that you can not compromise on. This will usually include the washing machine, cooker, microwave and maybe even a dishwasher. Then pick two or three appliances that you would really like and go back through the previous questions. Will these additional pieces of technology work for your kitchen and your family? Do you have the  space for them or is having a wine fridge a luxury you could live without, especially as no one who lives in your home actually drinks wine!

Also take a moment to think about the smaller appliances that you may need and whether you want them out on display or hidden away, either way make sure you have the space to display or store them figured out. One good idea is to opt for smaller appliance such as the Haier series 5 toaster, it’s compact but with extra deep slots and 300W power as well as 3 functions and 7 browning levels, so you are saving on space without compromising on quality.

What is your budget?

Now you have an idea of what you want to use the kitchen for, who will be using it on a regular basis, the look that you like and the appliances that you want to include you need to be realistic about your budget. You may find that what you want you can afford in one go all from the same place, if so this will be easier. However, you may find that your dream kitchen comes in above your budget. If his is the case don’t panic, take your time and shop around. You can often find great deals on appliances if you buy from online retailers as opposed to buying direct from kitchen fitters. Have a look for deals and discount codes and don’t be afraid to ask about ex display models too as these are often cheaper and are usually in fantastic condition and haven’t been used. You may also want to consider doing some of the work yourself, if so follow these DIY kitchen makeover tips.

If you have carefully gone through the above considerations and are happy with your answers then don’t compromise on your design, instead compromise on your time frame if you can and shop around to get the best deals to make your new kitchen a reality. It will be much better to wait a little longer and have the kitchen of your dreams than to rush in and regret your choices.

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