4 Ways To Make Your House Move Go Smoothly

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If you are currently thinking about moving home or are in the depths of the selling and buying stages now, then be sure to follow these 4 steps to help make your house move go smoothly.

Have a declutter early

As soon as you put your house up for sale start to have a clear out. Do not wait till you start packing and think that you will just declutter as you go. This is likely to be more stressful and will leave you with boxes here and piles of unwanted stuff there, and the likelihood is you will get things mixed up or just choose to pack everything anyway meaning you will still have all your old junk at the new house. Consider going through one room or area, such as the wardrobe’s, at set intervals on the lead up to packing and moving.

Make sure you have a clear exit route so that you know where you are taking all the things you no longer want, charity shop, tip, local school and get rid of it quickly. By having a really good clear out before you need to start packing is a sure fire way to make the packing easier and less stressful.

If you have lots of unwanted clothes but are unsure what to do with them then here are some great ideas for things to do with old clothes.

make your house move go smoothly
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Pack a 24 hour essentials box

This is one of my favourite top tips for moving house, pack a 24 hour box or two. In it have the kettle and some tea, coffee, juice and biscuits so you can at least make a drink whilst you unpack. Also include some cleaning products in case your new home is not as clean as you would like and you need to give it a once over before you can unpack your belongings. And finally loo roll, toiletries, pyjamas and clean underwear for the whole family. That way if you don’t make it to the clothes when unpacking at least you all have something to sleep in and fresh underwear for the next day when you can start again.

The last thing you want to do is start ripping open all the boxes looking for various items like toilette roll or cleaning products so by labeling these as your 24 hour boxes you will be able to locate them immediately without wasting any valuable time.

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional movers is something that everyone should factor into their moving costs. Having a company helping out on the day will significantly reduce the stress of the physical move and help things go more smoothly. You can even hire companies such as Page Relocation to pack up your belongings before the move and unpack for you when you arrive if you so wish. This kind of professional support will ensure that your house move is the simplest one ever.

If you are relocating and therefore moving a business as well as your home then Page Relocation can also help, check out Commercial moves Atlanta for more information as well as these top tips on moving offices.

make your house move go smoothly

Arrange child care and pet care

Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about children getting in the way, moaning they are bored or requesting snacks and juice at inconvenient times. The same can be said for pets, worrying about doors being left open and animals escaping or cages getting knocked by furniture is an unnecessary stress. So, as soon as you have your moving date ask your friends and family to help with child and pet care for the day and if this isn’t an option then book professional childcare and use a pet sitting service. It may be a cost you hadn’t accounted for but it is unlikely to be a high cost for one day and it is definitely one that you will be very grateful that you spent.

Moving house can be stressful but if you follow these four steps then you will be able to reduce that stress significantly and make your house move go smoothly, the key is to be organised and think ahead.