10 Cleaning Hacks Recommended By Parents

Keeping on top of the housework often feels like an impossible task. Just as you finish one room anther needs re doing and what with kids, work life in general there really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to dedicate to cleaning. Although, if I am really honest I am not convinced I actually would dedicate hours to cleaning every day even if I could, life is far to short. So how do people manage it? I needed to know where I was going wrong so I spoke to a group of parents and asked them for their top cleaning hacks and here is what they recommended.

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1) Clean as you go

Georgina says that you shouldn’t leave jobs until they are overwhelming but do them as you go along instead. Never leave a room without taking something with you that needs to be tided away or put in the bin. Also buying caddies and leaving them on the stairs labelled with a persons name or a specific room is a great way to get people to move their own stuff.

2) Use the dishwasher for more than just dishes

Don’t waste time cleaning things that can go in the dishwasher like extractor fans, some plastic toys, the fridge shelves. If it can go in chuck it in and save yourself the time. If you haven’t got a dishwasher definitely invest in one if you can.

3). Set up a routine

Jess recommends that you put a good routine in place and that way jobs don’t seem as daunting and you can spread the big jobs out throughout the week.

If you need help with this then there is a brilliant app called TOMM (The Organised Mum Method) that you can download for £5. This breaks it down into daily jobs that you tick off as you do them and then more specific jobs that focus on a different room each day, giving you the weekends off. The idea is to spend 30 minutes each day in one room and that will help you keep on top of everything. For more info on this method then grab the book and get reading.

4). Multi task

Zoe’s top tip is to clean the bathroom with antibac wipes whilst your little one is in the bath or put a wash load on whilst they are eating their tea.

Charlotte’s is also a fan of multi tasking and recommends  when you’re feeding babies in the high chair, run the hot water and washing up liquid in the sink to soak pans. When baby is fed and happy to watch you for a couple of minutes it takes seconds to wipe them down and leave them to dry! Don’t struggle if you don’t have to.”

How to clean your vinyl in minutes 

5). Get the kids to join in

The cleaning is not, and should not, be your sole responsibility, unless of course you want it to be. Everyone in the house is capable of making a mess and therefore capable of helping keep it nice. Ayse says “Get your kids to join in, don’t let them get a new toy out until the old one is away. Use music to help make it more fun too.” If you can’t play the music in the house because you are going from room to room or the baby is asleep then make sure you invest in some good wireless earphones, it makes all the difference.

6). Invest in a Hand held Hoover

Pete recommends that you invest in a hand held hoover as when the kids make a mess it is easier to get this out than a big hoover. They are also great for giving the stairs a quick once over.

cleaning hacks

7). Use multi functional products

Buy, or better yet make your own eco friendly cleaning products,  that can be used to clean more than one thing. That way you don’t need to keep swapping products or running from one room to the next to grab what you need. Having one set of wipes or one spray per room makes it so much quicker and if you can afford to buy a few and leave them in the rooms then you will find yourself more likely to give the bathroom a  quick clean after you have used it if you don’t need to go down stairs and start gathering all your products.

8) Buy nice smelling products

According to Beth its all about the products “Buy gorgeous smelling products such as zoflora – the smell MAKES you want to clean.”

9). Lemons

Lyn prefers the natural methods and suggests “Lemons are super useful for cleaning chopping boards. Just slice and rub the board down with lemon. The acid get rid of the clinging bacteria and makes them smell much better.” They are also cheap and really quick and easy to use.

and if all else fails

10). Hire a professional 

Go with Emma’s advice and hire a professional wherever possible

For more helpful hints and tips to master the cleaning as a busy parent then check out this ultimate cleaning guide to really get you motivated.