Planet Buddies Wireless Headphones For Kids | Review

Who are Planet Buddies

Planet Buddies are an environmentally conscious brand who create child friendly accessories. They are dedicated to raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world. In a bid to do this each new item they create is customised with an endangered animal and the packaging tells the child why they are endangered and how children can help, for example

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“I’m Olive the Owl. I live in forests and farmlands! But deforestation is causing our home to be destroyed…”

It is a great way to introduce children to these issues and get conversations started at home too.

However, simply printing these little stories isn’t enough to make any real changes, so to further fulfil their desire to help endangered animals Planet Buddies

  • donate a portion of their revenue to World Land Trust
  • their packaging is made from recycled cardboard
  • they print using soy-based inks

Planet Buddies now have a whole host of accessories for you to chose from including school, homeware and travel items. Their latest set of products are based around audio and mobile accessories and includes the wireless headphones for kids as well as the tablet cushion stand, both of which we were sent to review.

Wireless headphones for kids

The Planet Buddies wireless headphones are available in a range of characters including Pepper the Penguin, Olive the Owl and Pippin the Panda. They are the perfect headphones for younger kids as they are noise limited, meaning  they have a 85db volume limit, regardless of how many times your child hits that volume button and they also have super soft cushioning on the ear cushions and headbands for extra comfort.

They can connect to any Bluetooth device and last for 38 hours before they need charging. They come with an  80cm Type-C charging cable and 150cm AUX-in cable, so your child can continue to listen whilst charging if needed.

As well as being great for listening to music or shows on the go these wireless headphones also have a built in mic so they can be used for singing, taking calls or talking with friends on line.

Our review of the Planet Buddies wireless headphones for kids

On first glance the Planet Buddies wireless headphones are adorable. They are perfect for little kids as they are colourful, cute and fun. The Olive the Owl headphones are pink without being too in your face and both Layla and I loved them, so much so she couldn’t wait to give them a try which is when I found out they come fully charged. If you have a young child you will fully appreciate how helpful this is when opening a new gift as trying to convince them to wait whilst things charge can be hard work.

We also loved the fact that these wireless headphones are foldable which we found was brilliant for taking with us when out and about as they are easy to fold and can be stored in the hemp travel bag that comes with them, so no need to be carrying them round everywhere or trying to cram them in a bag. The hemp bag also gives you peace of mind that they wont get scratched and makes it easier when little miss/mr independent insists on carry them themselves.

Although these headphones can be used anywhere anytime, for us they are more for using when out and about, specifically at weekends when we are going from one football match to another and we need to keep Layla occupied on the side lines. These headphones are perfect for those moments when she is tired of running around and playing and just wants to chill out whilst we cheer on the boys. As they are Bluetooth we can connect them to the Ipad or our phones and the fact they are wireless means I don’t need to worry about her getting all tangled up in the wires or unplugging them roughly and breaking the ports on our devises. I can simply set her up with and relax knowing she will be safe.

I also love how these headphones are noise limited as it means I don’t need to worry about her hurting her ears as the 85db limit has been proven to be safe for use with children for up to 8 hours a day and won’t contribute to noise related hearing loss, elevating some of that mum guilt as I juggle three kids, two different football  teams and lots of matches across two different counties every weekend.

One final, but very important, point is that we have found these Planet Buddies wireless headphones to be pretty robust. They are made from high quality materials and say they can withhold the general drops and knocks they are bound to receive when being used by small children, which again gives you the peace of mind that your child can use these without you needing to be stood over them the whole time, as chances are they are unlikely to break if dropped by accident. Layla has already dropped them a couple of times and tried to wear them on her belly instead of her head (don’t ask) and they are absolutely fine and still work perfectly.

Overall we love the Planet Buddies wireless headphones and think they will be a godsend on our upcoming 6 hour road trip to Devon, as lets face it there are only so many episodes of Peppa Pig that I can listen to without going insane.

If you are looking for wireless headphones for your kids and then I would recommend the Planet Buddies, especially for those aged 8 and under.

wireless headphones for kids

The Tablet cushion stand

I can honestly say that I didn’t know tablet cushion stands where even a thing before I spotted them on the Planet Buddies website but what a fab little idea they are, especially for toddlers and young children. With our road trip pending I know this is going to come in so handy as it means Layla can not only watch her beloved Peppa and Cocomelon on repeat using the wireless headphones without driving her brothers crazy but she is also more likely to be able to do that hands free now with this on her knee or the pull down table. This might not sound like a big deal if you haven’t done a road trip with a toddler before but if you have you will know exactly what I mean and how annoying it is every time they move their tiny fingers and knock the screen changing the episode or turning it off. Being able to use the tablet holder should make this a little bit easier. Not only is this great for the car but also for when out and about or even at home. It also means you can lie them down and they can watch the screen at a better height than when they sit huddled over with their heads dropped to their knees hurting their necks.

Not to mention it is super cute and matches her headphones.

You can also get matching phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, plush holders and screen wipers, back packs and more in the Olive the Owl range or take a look at some of the other characters if Olive isn’t for you.