The Dream Bright Bear From Care Bears | Review

I love the fact that some of my favourite childhood cartoons are coming back again just in time for me to share them with Layla and fall in love with them all over again.  This week we have been enjoying Care Bears as Layla was sent on a quest to find the newest Care Bear, Dream Bright Bear, you can see how she got on in our latest video.

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For anyone that doesn’t already know Care Bears was a cartoon about friendly colourful bears that first aired in the 80’s. It was very popular when I was growing up and it was definitely one of my favourites. The bears are now back and have some brand new characters including Dream Bright Bear who was sent to us for a review.

Dream Bright Bear is the most optimistic of all the Care Bears living in Care-A-Lot. She is always there to cheer you on with her beautiful bluey purple Ombre fur and the cutest little purple heart shaped nose. Dream Bright Bear also has a very special belly badge that incorporates a heart with wings which resonates with the uplifting and positive message that she wants to share with everyone that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Dream Bright’s motto is “believe in yourself and DREAM BRIGHT”, which is a message that is so important for children to hear and really believe from a young age.

dream bright bear

Our Dream Bright Bear Review

Layla absolutely loves her Dream Bright Bear. From the moment she got her hands on it it hasn’t left her side, it has been everywhere with us including the park, out for tea and on all the school runs this week. It is so soft and snuggly that you can’t help but want to cuddle it, which is exactly what Layla loves to do with it.

dream bright bear

As a parent I also think that all the care bear plushes are very cute, soft and well made. But more important than the toy itself are the messages that they represent. Each bear from Care-A-Lot has a different motto from Dream Bright Bear who wants to encourage your child to chase their dreams to Eco Bear who is on a mission to remind us to look after the planet. They are the perfect way to introduce solid life lessons to your children through play.

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