I’ve Left Your Website, Here’s Why!

First off, let’s say that your business is awesome. It’s took a lot of work, gotten through hard times and survived to become a reputable and trusted business to your clients.

So why is your business not attracting more clients through online avenues?

Well it may not be just one thing. It could be a multitude of things compiled together that makes someone online hit that back button upon finding your website. Granted, its not easy to create a brilliant and attractive user experience with most sites having either one but not both together. So the potential negative factors could be as follows and they can be eliminated with ease with a bit of dedication. So let’s take a look at what is creating a yikes instead of a yes.

Autosound and Pop Ups

The biggest offenders and no doubt a huge hindrance if you have them.

Whenever people visit a website and get instantly bombarded with sound you couldn’t pull back a user even if you had free offers to hand. Publishers that accept ads that play sound automatically are, along with the hospitality sectors, the worst offending parties. As with autosound, pop ups are the scourge of the website. If you have pop ups jumping up every few seconds or when a user clicks on an option, their next click is away from you.

Also, shy away from putting ads in between loading pages. They are quite annoying to a visitor. They want the fastest service possible from a to b.

Navigation and Information

If moving around your website to find the relevant information is a chore, it’s going to be much easier somewhere else. That’s a fact. That’s also a loss of conversion. It’s also safe to say if your website is not device friendly, you are not meeting the requirements a user would be expecting, so it’s worth having responsive web design on the agenda.

Common among flash-based sites, having a website that is not intuitive, descriptive, and straightforward is just a pain to get through. You also need the information that the user is seeking to be easily accessible and answered quickly. This is where you need to do the work instead of expecting the user to do it for you.

When a customer orders a meal at a restaurant they ask what they have to suit their requirement to which a waiter will give the right answers. Your website is the waiter for your company, so be sure that your menu is up to scratch and easily defined. They may end up ordering desert.

Make sure all basic information is in place, especially when it comes to cost. Don’t make the tragic mistake of making people order something and finding out the overall cost at the final pay screen. That is going to result in a loss if it’s drastically more than expected.

People like honesty, so give them the price up front with all relevant information.

Eliminate Registration Upfront

Most sites that enquire a subscription or registration upfront are losing out on new clients.

This should be avoided on your website and instead allow to showcase what benefit the client has in registering or subscribing. The best way to do this is allowing them access to what you have upfront by letting them browse your website.

These are some of the key reasons users are jumping away from your website if you have them in place. Maybe it’s time to make the experience about the user and eliminate the pesky annoyances these areas create. Stockport website design agencies have a handle on the best techniques to bring people to your business to stay and not push away with the horrors of website surfing but there are also a number of regular checks you should make when you run a website too, to ensure it runs smoothly and offers the best experience possible to your user.