Amtico Belongs in the Heart of Your Home

It’s where you start your day and it’s where you talk about how your day went over dinner and a glass of wine. Your kitchen is the host to so many activities it’s a wondering your current flooring can keep up. Our guess is that your kitchen flooring no longer looks like new, and you would be much better off with a heavy-duty luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen instead?

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The best Amtico stockists in the UK are never tired of explaining the great features of durability and cost effectiveness that Amtico flooring possess. Below, we’ve decided to list them out for you too…


Heat is Kept

Opting for authentic wood or stone flooring to place in the heart of your home can be the go-to idea. But originality from your flooring can still be source from synthetic materials.

Wood and stone flooring are often referred to as cold and more prone to discoloration over several years. The lowest price Amtico flooring wins every time because of its cost effectiveness is pricing and self-installation methods, but also its ability to fully replicate the real thing and more importantly, be naturally warmer underfoot.

Amtico helps your home to maintain a balanced temperature by locking in natural room temperature throughout the day and releasing it slowly through the night. This amazing flooring also pairs well with underfloor heating for extra toastiness in the winter months.

Simple Maintenance

Another superb quality Amtico flooring will bring to your home is minimal maintenance to keep your flooring consistently inviting and hygienic.

Whether dirt and debris are trodden into your kitchen from the garden, to sauce spillages during busy cooking sessions, you can relax knowing that the mess won’t take long to clean up now you have vinyl flooring. Naturally sourced materials wood and stone will show signs of tough stains and require special cleaning products to fade out, whereas vinyl requires simple warm soapy water and a quick mop to retain its awesome quality.

Simple vacuuming and sweeping can also help to keep the floor in its original state, and you won’t be coughing out the pounds on special cleaning chemicals either.


A Rainbow of Collections

The quality and style of each collections design and colour in Amtico’s ranges are the most luxurious options on the market. Both the practical elements and the aesthetically pleasing designs provide unique styles in every room with the Signature Woods range and Spacia Stones collection.

There’s a reason Amtico make a 35-year guarantee on all their flooring…it’s because they know it will last!

Keep the heart of Your Home Healthy with Amtico.


Amtico have redefined the meaning of amazing customer service, whilst including their 35 years warranty and an array of colour palettes and textures that they know each customer will love. The warranty is a testimonial of how much they believe in their incredible manufacturing and diverse design options.


However you make use of your kitchen, make sure you can keep doing that with Amitco luxury vinyl flooring.