Our Gtech AirRam Review

A few weeks ago I was very kindly sent the Gtech AirRam and Multi Vacuum combo to review and then life went a little crazy with the corona virus and I put blogging to one side whilst I concentrated on finding a new normal for my family. Now, a few weeks later and settled into some sort of routine, I have managed to find the time to finally write our Gtech AirRam review. So, if you are thinking about getting a new vacuum then let me tell you how I got on with the Gtech AirRam and Multi.

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Our Gtech AirRam Review

The Gtech AirRam is a light weight and cordless vacuum, two features that I was specifically looking for. As a mum of three I find myself reaching for the vacuum daily and these days I have to do it whilst either baby wearing or balancing the baby with one hand and the vacuum with the other so light weight and cordless sounded like a dream.

The Gtech AirRam weighs in at a tiny 3.2kg which means it really is easy to use for anyone, including the children. It is light enough to use one handed so perfect for what I needed and can easily be carried from one room to another, or even up and down the stairs with ease. It also has a powered rotating brush bar equipped with the unique AirLOC technology, designed to work deep down in carpets and between tiles and floorboards to lift large objects, fine dust and stubborn dirt. As my youngest is currently 5 months old and probably not far off from crawling this knowledge definitely makes me feel better as I know that even a quick run around with the Gtech AirRam will keep our floors clean enough for our daughters crawling sprees and new adventures.

gtech airram review

Our Gtech AirRam Multi Tool Review

The Gtech AirRam Multi is also light weight (only 1.5kg) and cordless but as opposed to the AirRam it is a hand held vacuum making it perfect perfect for those hard to reach places, the dreaded cobwebs and even the stairs. It also comes with so many different shaped adapters it can be used to clean pretty much any space in your house and even in the car, although in our house that’s a blue job so I’ll have to get the hubby to review that aspect of it!

gtech airram review

Overall I am thrilled with our Gtech AirRam and Multi vacuum and can highly recommend both of them. They are perfect for the whole family, easy to use, light weight and leave your carpets and flooring looking and feeling clean, which is always important but seems to feel even more important these days with Covid 19 and the threats that brings.

If you are looking for a new vacuum I can highly recommend the Gtech AirRam and Multi, although a bit pricey I do feel they are worth the money and would now be lost without mine and would hate to have to revert back to my old, heavy, plug in hoover.

There is currently a deal on the Gtech website where you can buy both the AirRam and the Mulit with along with the Gtech car kit for the reduced price of £324

(We were gifted the Gtech AirRam and Multi in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).