The Wave Catcher Electric Scooter By Rollplay | Review

Lock down is tough. Home schooling is even tougher. But I am forever grateful that during this time we have both a garden and a village that we can use during the day for exercise and I really feel for those that have limited outdoor space they can’t easily access at the moment.  I am feeling even more grateful for the work opportunities that I am still getting, including  the one we have been working on over the last week, a review of the the Wave Catcher electric scooter by Rollplay.

What is the Wave Catcher electric scooter?

The Wave Catcher is a really cool 24V lithium powered electric scooter combining all the fun of a traditional scooter with the added challenge and unique sensation of surf-like moves to turn and steer.  It is inspired by the art of windsurfing and allows riders to cruise, carve and shift, at thrilling speeds of up to 10 KMPH.

wave catcher
It is aimed at children from 8 – 14 years old and Reece (aged 10) was more than willing to give it a test drive on the walking paths we have around our village but first I had to build it!

Our review of the Wave Catcher electric scooter

When I first opened the box it looked like it was in several parts and it felt like it should be a blue job but after having a quick look at the instructions I actually managed to build it myself in less than 10 minutes. It does however need to be charged for 12 hours before you can use it, so my advice would be to build and charge it prior to giving it to the child, especially if it is a gift that you think they are going to want to use straight away.
wave catcher
Once built and charged we headed straight out for our allotted 1 hour exercise time to give it a test drive.
A first Reece found it hard to use and I think it is important to point that out as I could see him getting frustrated with it. It is designed like a skateboard  so it handles differently to the electric scooters he has used before and this is especially apparent when you are trying to turn corners as you need to adjust your weight to move.
wave catcher
However, over the course of the week and lots of practice Reece managed to get the hang of the Wave Catcher and has loved racing up and down the paths (maintaining social distancing obvs) and trying out new tricks and riding one handed. It is straight forward to operate, goes fast enough for the kids but not too fast the parents have a heart attack and has a rear wheel brake that is easy to use.
Overall the Wave Catcher has been brilliant and makes for a great step up from the average electric scooter and one kids over 8 will love, once they get the hang of it.

The three main things that I love about the Wave Catcher as a parent

1. The handle bar is height adjustable meaning it can grow with your child so you really get your moneys worth from it.
2. There is a green button next to the on off button, this allows you to have two speed settings. You can use this, as we did, as a confidence builder, or if you are using the Wave Catcher near roads you can use it to have a little more control over your child and the speed they are able to travel at, increasing it when in safer areas.
3. It has two power buttons meaning it is easy to use for those that are right or left handed and as the mum of a child who is a leftie and often finds things difficult to use this design makes the Wave Catcher brilliantly inclusive.
You can purchase a Wave Catcher for around £199 from Amazon or direct from Rollplay.
(We were gifted a Wave Catcher by Rollplay in exchange for a review).
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