The Mini Micro Deluxe Magic 3-Wheeled Kids Scooter | Review

Scooting has always been one of our go to activities ever since the boys were little. They would scoot to the local park, out on our cul-de-sac, and even up and down the ramps at the skate park in town. When they started to get older we moved from the 3-wheeled kids scooter to the inline scooters and then to the electric ones, where they would whizz up and down the paths in our little village. Now we have Layla who has just turned three and her scooting journey is just beginning. Thanks to Micro Scooters it has started with her very own Mini Micro Deluxe Magic, and if that wasn’t enough they even sent me the Classic Micro adult scooter so we can scoot together. Here’s how we got on..

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The Mini Micro Deluxe Magic 3-wheeled kids scooter

The Mini Micro Deluxe Magic is suitable for ages 2-5 and is available in 4 colours, aqua, navy, pink and purple. It comes with light up handle bars as well as flashing wheels that are activated once you start scooting. The Mini Micro scooter comes in a box ready for you to assemble. There are only 3 pieces and the instructions are very easy to follow with everything you need in the box, including the Allan keys and batteries, which I think is an amazing idea!

3-wheeled kids scooter

It took no more than 10 minutes to assemble the scooter and we found that the handle bars can be adjusted so that the scooter can grow with your child, ensuring you get the most use out it making it even better value for money.

This particular model is a 3-wheeled kids scooter, with two wheels at the front that help with balance and one at the back. It looks lovely and as soon as it was built Layla couldn’t wait to give it a go.

One thing that is worth pointing out is that the Micro Mini does differ to other 3-wheeled kids scooters you may have previously tried with you child as you can actually move it left and right when in motion by rocking the handle bars from side to side, and to move in a straight line you need to keep the bar still. This did take some getting used to as she’s only 3 but within half an hour she had mastered it completely and then found it easier to maneuverer than ordinary scooters. From a parents point of view the lean to steer technology appears to be a lot safer and controls the movement more, reducing the risk of them suddenly changing direction quickly or falling off.

Overall Layla and I both loved the Mini Micro Deluxe Magic 3-wheeled scooter. It is very well built, hard wearing and perfect for our pink obsessed little girl. The lights on the handle bars and the flashing wheels brought her so much joy too and she loved being able to scoot with ease. She also loved the fact that mummy could scoot along side her on her very own Micro adult scooter

The Micro adult white scooter

The classic adult scooter is aimed specifically at adults with its larger wheels and lower deck. It is great for having fun with the kids or even for your daily commute and the best bit is it can be personalised on the foot plate. The personalisation process is really easy, you just follow the simple step by step instructions on the Micro Scooter website which takes less than 5 minutes. First you choose the colour you would like, this can be a block colour or a pattern – I opted for the geometric pad . Then you choose the name you want to have written on it and the font style – I opted for Lobster and finally the colour you want the text to be in, I went with Silver ink.

3-wheeled kids scooter

When the Micro adult scooter arrived the personalised plate was already attached professionally so this is much more than just a personalised name sticker which is what I was expecting, instead it really is part of the scooter. Just like the 3-wheeled kids scooter the adults one also arrives in an easy to carry box and contains everything you need to assemble it. The instructions are easy and it took less than 5 minutes to put together, it simply unfolds and then you adjust the height of the handle bars and click them into place and off you go.

3-wheeled kids scooter

For our first outing we took our scooters down to our local sea front and scooted along the promenade. The Micro adult scooter was so easy to use and it was great fun, it felt like being a little kid again and seeing the smile on Layla’s face as we raced each other along the prom was priceless. The pair of us scooting along also put a few smiles on other peoples faces too!

3-wheeled kids scooter

If you are thinking of getting some scooters for your family but are unsure which adult scooter to use then I can highly recommend the Micro adult scooter. It is not only well built, personalised, and lots of fun but it is also light weight and folds up making it easy to carry on and off transport if needed and doesn’t take up much room if you want to to store it at work. It would definitely be a great addition to your daily commute or just for some family fun.

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