Is Sorting Out The Cars A Blue Job?

Do you have set jobs in your house?

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The other day a friend told me that they have pink jobs and blue jobs in their house, pink for the girls and blue for the boys. At first I was a little taken back by this seemingly sexist attitude towards the house work but then I thought about my own house and realised we do have a couple of set jobs too. For instance the hubby is in charge of bins and cars. I hate the bins and I simply get confused and annoyed when I have to do anything with my car, including drive it, so I guess you could call these blue jobs.


Despite hating everything to do with cars and avoiding every garage trip possible I do pride myself on knowing the basics and getting involved when we purchase a new family car and not being a total “girl” and insist that it is my choice to not get involved instead of my lack of ability. That was until I took the kwik fit #TyreChallenge anyway.


This Kwik fit quiz tests your knowledge about cars and in particular tyre safety and consists of 10 basic questions and then tells you if you passed or failed. I genuinely believed I would pass, I totally failed. Not even just failed by one or two marks, I only managed to get 5/10 and can embarrassingly say that some of those were guesses. Turns out I haven’t got a clue about cars or tyres and I am clearly right in sending the hubby to garage to save myself the embarrassment of looking completely clueless. However having taken the quiz it did make me realise that I probably should swat up more on the importance of car management and tyre safety seen as I now work freelance and often travel around the north west from school to school and drive down south a couple of times a year to visit family members, so I think I am going to have to do a little bit of reading and maybe even take the test again.  Then once I know I can ace the test I think I’ll challenge the hubby to a test off and see just how much he actually knows too.

If you fancy doing the test too then please do share your score in the comments below as I would love to know if 5 is awful, average, or actually not bad going.


(This post was written in collaboration with kwik fit but all opinions are my own.)