How to Monetise Your Blog

Blogging is undeniably a competitive market, and a great way to top up your income. There are lots of ways to make a living from your blog, as long as you invest your time in the right way. Read on for some top tips on how you can monetise your blog.

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Focus on SEO

Search engine optimisation is key to ensuring you are found in the online world, and the more you can improve your DA and blog traffic, the more likely you are to make money from your site. So, try to build up your backlink profile and ensure you do your keyword research before writing an article.


Share on Social Media

Another way to put yourself out there and increase traffic to your blog is to share your posts on social media and engage with your followers. There are various tools that you don’t have to pay for that can allow you to schedule your posts in advance, if this isn’t something you typically have time for.


Include Sponsored Links

Once you have built up a decent readership and following on social media, brands will want to work with you on things like sponsored links. This is when they pay you a monetary sum or gift you a product that they sell in exchange for a link to their website.


Include Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is similar to sponsored links because it involves including a link to a company’s website in exchange for payment. The different is that with affiliate marketing, you will only receive payment if your readers click the link and then make a purchase, which could add up to a sizable sum if it happens frequently. On the other hand, with regards to sponsored links, you would usually be paid a one-off fee simply for including it, regardless of whether it is clicked on or not.

Of course, there are various other ways to make money from your blog, such as incorporating ads across the website. Just be mindful that it will take a lot of time and effort to monetise your blog, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t happen overnight.