Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Ensuring your child has a dedicated space in your home to complete their schoolwork and exam revision will help motivate them and allow them to concentrate better. This private school in North London have put together the following advice to help you set up the ideal study space.


Ensure the Space Free From Distractions

First and foremost, the study space needs to be set up in an environment that is quiet and free from distractions. Ideally, this should be a different location to wear your child relaxes, because otherwise they will find it hard to differentiate between the two activities. If your child’s desk is set up in the same room as the TV, they will struggle to concentrate on the task at hand and won’t be able to fully commit themselves to their schoolwork.


Consider the Lighting

Natural light is always the best bet when it comes to enhancing alertness and aiding productivity, so try to set up the study space near a window if possible. If not, you will need to ensure they have adequate artificial lighting to ensure they can see clearly, without glare, so that they don’t suffer with eye strain and headaches.

study space

Add the Essentials

Make sure your child has everything they need close at hand, including their study guides and pens and pencils. It might help if you also add some personal touches, like photo frames, or posters, so that your child feels comfortable in the space. If it has a clinical or boring ambiance, they won’t feel motivated to spend time in there.


Invest in Storage

Plenty of storage, such as shelving, and cupboards or drawers will allow your child to keep their study space clear of clutter and therefore help your kids learn to be more organised. Perhaps you could also invest in some desk organisers, so that they can keep their stationery neat and tidy. If their workspace is cluttered, they will struggle to focus and feel in control, and they will also likely waste valuable study time searching for the right books and other equipment.