5 top tips for organising your home

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is you always find that you accumulate clutter. It’s as if the more space you have the more stuff you keep hold of until you suddenly realise that you need a mass clear out and need to get organised. As a mum of 3 who is self employed and works from home I have had to get myself organised over the last 2 years and here are my 5 top tips.

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1.Think before you make a purchase 

This sounds really obvious but how many times do we buy things we don’t need? Whether it is for ourselves or for our partner or children we can all be guilty of treating those we love to unnecessary gifts from time to time. So next time you think about spoiling someone in your house to a new toy, teddy, book or ornament think about where it will go, how often it will actually get used and whether it will actually be appreciated or just lost amongst everything else you already have in your home. If, having thought about it you decide this is still worth purchasing, think about whether you can swap it for something you already have at home, for example can the children keep this new book and get rid of an old one so you’re not adding extra things to the home but they are still getting a treat.

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2. Sell, donate and recycle regularly 

I also think you should try and have regular clear outs and declutter often, or better yet keep on top of things week to week to prevent the need for a mass clear out when things feel too unorganised in your home, this will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. As soon as you know you have finished with something, maybe you have read a book and wont read it again, your children have out grown a toy or an outfit or you are no longer interested in a certain hobby, ask yourself if someone else could get use out of that item. If no then simply recycle it, if yes decide whether you want to sell it or donate it. I find having a donate bag in the garage that I can add things to regularly really helps and then as soon as it is full I drop it off at the local charity shop, knowing others can get use form it and I’m clearing out my own house at the same time feels great. If yo want to sell it then using online social media sites as well as online selling sites can be great and relatively instant so you aren’t stuck holding on to them for ages like you would be if you waited to do a car boot sale.

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3. Buy stylish storage solutions

If you are struggling to house all the items in your home without it looking messy and disorganised then I recommend you invest in some stylish storage solutions such as ottomans and beds with hidden storage. These will keep everything out of sight and avoid the over use of plastic boxes in every room which so many people now have. A few key pieces that will double in use such as beds with draws and foot rests that open up are worth the money and will have longevity, just make sure you only store things in them that you really need to keep.

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4. Optimise your space

Making the most out of the space you have is very important for getting organised. Think about where you can have storage that is out of sight such as the garage, under the stairs, and in the attic and then make the most of these spaces by using storage solutions such as shelving units like these ones from rapid racking that allow you to use the space above the ground in a neat and tidy way.


5.Label your storage 

If you need to keep hold of things that you don’t use every day then store it away from the main house in places like the attic or the garage where ever possible. Then to make life even easier label your storage. Whether you have put things in boxes or bags write on them what is inside and be specific. This will make life so much easier when you need to find something and works wonderfully for things you only need once a year like the Christmas decorations, or your summer/winter wardrobe. It’s also brilliant when you need to move house as there is no need to repack these things as you can clearly see what is in each box and they can be moved from one home to the next quickly and easily.


organising your home

(This is a collaborative post, all top tips and opinions are my own).