Christmas Gift Ideas for the Under 10’s

Every year we try and treat our boys to a range of Chrstmas gifts that include a few items that they have asked for, some educational items, a couple of books and at least one game we can play as a family. Each year however it gets harder and harder to decide what to buy so if you are anything like us then hopefully these ideas will help you as much as they have helped us.

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Scoot by Animagic is going to be one of the most talked about and asked for gift this Christmas. It is perfect for any animal mad child as it is an interactive walking schnauzer that will follow them wherever they go, responds to her name and has over 35 sound and motion combinations including barking and tail wagging. Scoot also works both on and off the lead and will walk obediently by your child’s side or run off and play.  I know my little boy will just love this on Christmas morning. Suitable for children from 36 months.

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Each year we try and pick a new game that can be enjoyed by the whole family and this year we have opted for Orangutwang, a game of skill and patience that is suitable for players age 4 and over. Orangutwang is like a modern day Buckaroo where you need to see how much you can hang on the vine before the orangutan goes twang.

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The Dragons’ Tower Garden set

This beautiful toy is recommended for those aged 4 and over. It features a magical castle that is home to a mummy and baby dragon and a beautiful fairy, and allows you and your child to grows pea shoots and mustard seeds in three growing areas creating the most realistic garden. This is sure to capture the imagination of both boys and girls and those younger with a little help and those older that can learn the skills of gardening themselves.

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Lava Splat

If, like me, you have a child that loves cars and slime then this will be the perfect gift for them this Christmas. Lava Splat combines both an epic race track with cars that need to make the jump with the mess of slime or a pit of lava. It is easy to use and suitable for children aged 3 and over and is sure to keep them entertained for ages as they create new dramatic speed chases and avoid the lava filled pit.

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We are huge book lovers in our house and I always like to buy books as gifts for others when I can so It is no surprise that there are always a number of new ones under the tree for the boys each year. This year we have been sent the following ones to check out and i cant wait for us to read them together.

My Name is Happiness

My name is happiness is written by Veronica Plumbe and is perfect for animal lovers and those that love it when a book delivers a good lesson too.

“Happiness, our heroine, is a warthog piglet; clever, caring and courageous. She lives on a game reserve in Africa and is the narrator of our tale. Happiness is out one day with her family when her brother is snatched by a lioness, and in the ensuing panic to escape the same fate she is caught in a poacher’s trap. Her human friend Peter, The Head Ranger, rescues her and takes her back to his animal sanctuary to recuperate. At Weaver House Animal Sanctuary Happiness makes many wild and wonderful friends and when she learns that some of them have lost loved ones to poachers she is determined to help put an end to this cruel practice. She concocts two wildly imaginative schemes and with the help of her new friends and a full moon she sets out on her daring mission. Even little warthog piglets can help to change the world…”

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Shadrach the Lion

Shadrach the Lion is written by Susan Ralph and is beautifully illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills.

“Shadrach the lion has been forgotten. Sat high on his shelf, poor Shadrach has been left all alone, neglected and unseen. That is until one little girl finally spots him and realises how special he is. Once she has managed to get Shadrach down, she makes sure he’s involved in dressing up, story time and all their games. Will Shadrach the lion find a permanent home with his new best friend? “

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Henrietta Hen in Trouble Again

Henrietta Hen in Trouble Again is written by Ozgen Halil and promotes kindness, friendship and sharing and is both beautifully written and illustrated.

 as young readers join their new feathered friend, her best friend Dotty Donkey and a host of other characters who call the wood home. But they stay out too late, Fakey Fox is on the prowl and Henrietta could find herself as that nights dinner. What happens next? Wellyoull need to buy the book!”

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Hannah the spanner 

The Hannah the Spanner books are written by Stuart Simmonds and both wonderfully enchanting and funny. The two newest books to be added to the collection are Hannah the Spanner and the dancing bear and Hannah the Spanner and the Polar bears both riced at £7.99 each. Hannah the Spanner and the Poalr bears will not only make a wonderful addition to any book collection but would be perfect for anyone doing a book advent this year.

“Bored senseless in the superstore, grumpy parents, sick reindeers, walkie-talkies from aisle 17, shower time, some very strange goings on in your back garden and an emergency visit to the Professor s house. Come join Hannah and Lucy as they join forces with some furry friends in order to help a big chubby man in a red suit save Christmas.”


Mrs Wordsmith

I was first introduced to the Mrs Wordsmith products last year and immediately thought they were brilliant for both parents and teachers, so when I heard there was going to be a new product launched this year I knew I would have to get it for the boys. The Epic Life Word Book is a hilariously illustrated book that teachers your child over 1000 words and rapidly advances their vocabulary, with high frequency or curriculum words, social-emotional words, challenging or uncommon epic words, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) words.

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History Heroes

These History Heroes cards are great for educational fun on the go. They are a small as a pack of cards so can be used easily when traveling or when at home. They encourage your child to uncover what they already know and learn what they don’t about a given subject and with so many categories to choose from you will find a pack for everyone. Some of our favourite packs include, Kings and queens and sports.

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Megson Little Bird

If you often go on long journeys or travel a lot in the car then this would be a lovely gift for a child of any age. It is a collection of children’s folk songs which will give them the chance to learn something new along side their parents.

The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of life CD a beautiful collection of songs sang by Joanna Forest. It is a classical crossover family musical adventure, exploring the day in the life of a child from 8am through to 7pm.


Paint sticks

Paint sticks by Little Brian are the ultimate creative tool, especially as thy are water soluble and child friendly. There are a number of sets available to purchase but the great thing about this art station set is that it not only comes with the mess free paint sticks but also with an easel making it easier for your little one to create their master pieces.

Coulour it in pencil case 

Most children will already have a colouring pencil case where they store all their favourite crayons and felt tip pens, but will they have a colour it in pencil case? I absolutely love this idea from eat sleep doodle where you child can colour in and personalise their own pencil case, not only does it allow them to get creative but also to take ownership of their belongings and easily identify them should they take it out and about with them.

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We are huge fans of the Fuzzikins and can highly recommend these. We have already used the bunnies and the puppies and I am sure these owls will be equally loved on Christmas morning. Fuzzikins are furry little characters that your child can colour in and wash off and colour again, creating lovely little toys. They also come with accessories that your child can make and then once the creative fun is over they can get imaginative and play with them too.

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Who doesn’t love chocolates and sweets at Christmas. With to Harry Potter mad boys these Harry Potter themed treats will be a great addition to their stockings this year as they emulate the ones eaten by the famous wizards in the film, including those jumping frogs!.

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No stocking is complete without some Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolates and these are the perfect size. There are plenty to choose from but for me it has to be the mini buttons and the mini freddos, I just hope the boys share with me!

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If you are looking for a more practical gift idea this year then how about this  Eastpak Litt bag from Mainline. It is both stylish and practical and will be great for school or extra curriculum activities such as sports clubs or scouts. It comes with one adjustable padded strap featuring a black clip fastening design and a black woven carry handle at the top. A zip entry to the main compartment which contains a padded pouch suitable for a tablet and an additional zip fastening compartment is on the front of the bag with the signature woven Eastpak logo patch in black, red and white. This bag measures approximately 11 inches in width, 15 inches in height and 3 inches in depth. 100% Polyester.

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(Some of these items were gifted in exchange for being featured, all opinions are my own).