Gift ideas for babies and preschoolers

This year we will have a brand new baby and as I have been trying to get organised with our Christmas shopping early this year I found myself really pondering over what to get a new born for Christmas. I figured we could use Christmas to stockpile things that the baby might need/want over the next 12 months and put them aside until they grow in to it so I started shopping online and have out together some Christmas gift ideas for babies and preschoolers.

Garden Friends Play Arch

This play arch from Hape is lovely. It can attach to your child’s crib, car seat or pram to keep them entertained, learning and engaged with lots of different textures and colours for them to explore.

gift ideas for babies    

The pull along wooden Ladybird

This is a great toy that can grow with your child. From being a sturdy shape they can hold and play with in to being one they can pull along with them once they are on the move. Available from Wooden Toy shop for only £7.50.

gift ideas for babies  

A Turtle Musical Night Light

This adorable musical night light is from Baby To Love and costs £24.95. It plays beautiful soothing tunes that will help baby fall asleep and due to the timer it will gradually turn itself off too. It also comes with a rechargeable base which is ideal and means it is prefect for home use and when on your travels.

gift ideas for babies

Baby Cups

How cute are these Baby cups? Perfect for helping little ones learning to sip at weaning time and also suitable for cup-feeding infants. These cups have been recommended by dentists and orthodontists to encourage sipping and are best for teeth. They are also 100% Recyclable.

gift ideas for babies 

The Chicco next 2 moon projector

The Next2Moon is a 3-in-1 projector that can be used fitted onto the cot with the canopy attached, with the canopy removed or on the bedside table making it easy to take with you when you travel. It projects a colourful night
sky onto the canopy or ceiling and plays soft calming music that can be set to play for 15, 30 or 45 minutes at 2 pre-set volumes.

gift ideas for babies

Baby Shark

What child wouldn’t want a baby shark for Christmas? And this one is a plush puppet singing version which you can control the speed of the song on by moving it’s mouth faster or slower. Available in a range of colours by Wowwee for £19.99. 

gift ideas for babies

The Hape Mighty Mini Band

This Hape music game board comes with multiple instruments including a drum, xylophone, cymbals, scratch board, clapper and two beaters and is perfect for music lovers and those working on their coordination and dexterity skills. The instruments can be played individually or together to create lots of different musical combinations. 

gift ideas for babies

Baby Annebel Stroller 

This stroller is great for children learning to walk who need something to hold on to or those that love to play with dolls and teddies as it gives them something they can transport them around in. It would make a wonderful first pram, is easy to use and can hold a doll up to 50cm.

Rolling Down the Road

Rolling Down the Road is a lovely CD perfect for babies and pre schoolers. It has been put together by David Gibb and contains 15 songs that you are unlikely to of heard before that will give you a nice break from the well know nursery rhymes.

What are you getting for your baby this Christmas?

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(Some of these items were gifted to us for inclusion in the gift guide, all opinions are my own).