Why Buy A Mokee Cot

Mokee produce Scandinavian inspired nursery furniture. This means that all their products are created with functionality and simplicity in mind. The idea is that a room that incorporates Scandinavian inspired pieces of furniture and décor is a room that will be light and airy, which is the perfect design choice for a nursery. If you are currently decorating the nursery and searching for the right furniture I recommend you buy a Mokee cot and here are my reasons why.

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Why buy a Mokee cot?

They have different sizes available

Mokee cots are available in a range of sizes and designs so no matter how big or small your nursery space is you should be able to find a cot to fit. The smallest Mokee cot is from their Mokee mini cot range and these measure in at  120X60. They are beautifully designed in the trademark Scandi style from European beech wood and painted using  safe water-based paints. Despite being smaller than your average cot they will still last your child until the age of 3 and they have 7 mattress positions or levels so you can always ensure they are safe. You can order the Mokee Mini Cot in a choice of 8 colours. My favourite is the Dusty Aqua with the Ivory Plum a close second.

They grow with your child

The Mokee cots are brilliant for those that want a piece of furniture that will grow with their child. If this is you then you should be looking at the Mokee cot beds. We have the  Mokee Schpinkle Midi cot bed in grey and I love it. It has been used since 6 months and is still going strong two years later. You can currently order the Midi cot bed in a choice of four colours.

You can buy alternative mattresses

Unlike some cot and cot bed manufacturers Mokee have made their cots to normal sizes meaning that you can buy mattresses from other places. Of course Mokee do sell mattresses but if you need to save some money and buy from somewhere else you can do so knowing that you will be able to find the right sizes for the Mokee cot, Mokee cot bed and Mokee Mini cot.

The quality is fantastic

We have used several Mokee products now and each and everyone has been brilliant. The quality is fantastic and they have been in such excellent condition when our baby outgrew them that we have been able to pass them on. Had this been our first baby and not our last we definitely would have saved them and I highly advise that if you are planning on more than one baby you see the Mokeee cot and other Mokee pieces as investments as they are definitely made to last.

Mokee have a loyalty scheme

If you are thinking of buying a Mokee cot then make sure you sign up to their loyalty scheme. Being a member of this means that you will receive points every time you purchase an item from the website or refer a friend who then joins the loyalty scheme and orders products too. These points can then be turned into money off your next order. Perfect if you have your eye on a few items.

So there you have it. Five reasons why I believe you should absolutely buy that Mokee cot today!