Lily Blanche Jewellery | Review

Lily Blanche is a jewellery brand like no other. It has the most beautiful back story about a child who found pearls washed a shore on the Island of Skye and who was then encouraged by her Grandmother, Lily Blanche, to follow those creative desires and pursue a career full of passion and wonder. The result, of course, is Lily Blanche Jewellery, exquisite pieces that are all personal in some way and tell a story of their own.

Lily Blanche helps you to choose the perfect piece for you, a piece that represents a part of your life and incorporates an element of individualisation, to truly bring out your personality in your jewellery. You can opt for an understated personal touch through selecting birthstone jewellery or something a little more obviously like initials or engraving. Lily Blanche also have a gorgeous selection of lockets which allow you to hold your dearest photos close to your heart at all times and in true Lily Blanche style these are vintage ideas with a modern twist as the lockets don’t only hold the standard two pictures instead you can have up to six photographs in one locket, perfect for larger families.

I was asked to pick a piece of jewellery from the Lily Blanche website to review and I really was spoilt for choice. They have everything from rings to bracelets and earrings to necklaces as well as some very precious non jewellery gift ideas that would be perfect for a baby shower or a christening.

After some careful consideration I selected the Pink Opal Necklace with an added initial charm.

lily blanche jewellery

My Lily Blanche Jewellery Review

From the moment my jewellery arrived I was impressed. You can immediately see the thought and care that has gone it to delivering your piece to you safely. Despite ordering online my jewellery arrived in a gift bag as if I’d bought it from a high end jewellers in store. Within the bag was a very well wrapped and protected gift box containing my jewellery and upon opening the gift box I was very impressed to see that not only was the necklace secured in a padded gift box to keep it safe but the actual charms were then encased in a small bag making sure they didn’t get tangled or scratched.

The love and attention to detail that goes in to the packing, to me, is very reassuring of the quality of the item I am about receive.

When I opened up my Opal Charm necklace it was everything I had hoped it would be. The Opal was beautiful and the perfect shade of pale pink. It was also clear straight away that the opal is very securely set and I love how the initial sits along side it without overpowering it.

As well as the packaging and the quality of the jewellery the third thing that I loved when ordering my Lily Blanche Jewellery was that I could order the Opal charm in either silver, gold or Rose gold, with or without an initial and with a chain in one of three different lengths. These additional choices for me are what makes your jewellery perfectly personalised to your own tastes.  I chose a longer chain as I wanted to be able to wear this necklace with low cut tops and dresses as a statement piece but also wear it in the day with my other pieces of jewellery and the longer chain means that I will be able to stagger them togteher.

lily blanche jewellery

Overal, I am very impressed with Lily Blanche Jewellery and highly recommend them not just for your own pieces but also for any gifts that you may be looking to buy for your loved ones, they are the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.