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How to Build a Jewellery Collection


If you have ever wondered how some people have such amazing jewellery collections and always seem to have a piece for every outfit then check out our top tips on how to build your own jewellery collection.


Create a wish list 

In order to create a jewellery collection you can be proud of you need to know what that means to you. Browse online for inspiration and make a wish list of all the items you would like to own. This can be specific pieces, designers and colours or it can be a more simple list such as a rough idea of the types of jewellery you want.

Start with a couple of key pieces 

Unless you have oodles of spare cash you will want to build up your collection over time. The best way to start is with one or two key pieces that can be worn for many occasions and with an array of outfits. These should be simple, yet beautiful and eye catching pieces such as diamond earrings. 

Choose pieces that can mix and match

Once you have made a start on your jewellery collection and have a couple of key pieces it is important that the next few purchases are items that can be worn in a mix and match style. Pieces that can be worn alone as a statement but also mixed with the key pieces previously purchased to complete the look. For example you may opt for a diamond pendant that will look stunning on its own but will also complement your diamond earrings beautifully. In order to get the most out of this piece you could also buy a second chain of a different length that you can transfer your diamond pendant to to create the illusion of a new piece of jewellery in your collection.

Just one or two bold show stoppers

Now you have your wish list, your key pieces and a couple of extras that can be mixed and matched your jewellery collection is starting to take shape. The next step is to indulge in one or two bold show stoppers. This may be something larger than your other pieces, a bolder colour or even an exquisite watch. The choice is yours but this is the piece that will get people talking about your jewellery collection so make sure you love it.


Have a safe and secure jewellery box

Every gorgeous jewellery collection deserves to be looked after properly. If you are going to spend good money on wonderful pieces of jewellery then make sure you invest in a charming and secure jewellery box to keep them all in.

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