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Bringing A Little More Of Yourself Out Through Your Jewellery

If you’re trying to build your jewellery collection, then you might find yourself mixing and matching all sorts of styles and trends, which is all well and good. However, sometimes, you want to choose pieces that fit your personality a little better and really communicate something about you. So, where can you look for inspiration that ensures you’re adding a little more of yourself to your jewellery choices?



Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle

One choice that’s both aesthetic but also practical is to make sure that you choose pieces that fit your lifestyle. For instance, some people live more active lifestyles that can involve using their hands or moving around a lot. Overly detailed pieces and hanging pendants might not be a good fit for these kinds of people and, even if it’s subtler than usual, a simple band ring with an inscription might be just the thing for you.


Choose pieces that fit your heritage

A lot of people have pride in where they came from, be it from their family’s history and connection with a location, or a love for the traditional imagery that comes from it. For instance, if you have something of a Celtic connection, then you might want to consider the ring claddagh. Traditional jewellery tends to have extra meaning to them, as well as that connection to where you came from. There are few locations and cultures that don’t have ties to some kind of specific jewellery style, so you can definitely find one to match your own heritage.


Choose pieces with symbols you love

You don’t need to have a particular tie to a jewellery’s origins to appreciate the kind of imagery and symbolism that it makes use of, either. There are all kinds of symbolism in jewellery due to the ability to incorporate a wide range of designs, including animals, icons, flowers, different kinds of gems, and so on. To that end, if there’s something that you want to communicate with your jewellery, you can look up what symbolism is connected to them and looks for designs that incorporate them. The language of flowers and the neo-pagan associations of animals can be used for much the same reason, as there is more than likely going to be a selection of jewellery incorporating them, visually.

Choose pieces that use parts of your own life

You can get a little more personal than going broadly with imagery that you like, as well. Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to do this is to choose jewellery that incorporates your birthstone, tying it to something that represents when you were born. However, the art of using sand from local beaches and other local matter in jewellery is becoming much more popular, as well, so you might want to try that.


There’s a whole language to jewellery that can sometimes be overlooked and underappreciated and, hopefully, the tips above can give you a few ideas of how you can represent a little more of this language in your own choices.

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