8 Plum Recipes For You To Try

If you have a plum tree, have visited a pick your own fruit orchard and brought home some juicy plums, or have bought an excess of plums at the store and need to use them up before they go off then why not try one of these  8 tried and tested plum recipes. There is a real variety of ideas and something for every season from ice cream to crumble, you will be sure to find the perfect recipe for you.

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1.Plum Compote

How about using Daisies & Pie’s  plum compote recipe and then serving it with some tasty Greek Yogurt as part of a healthy breakfast or sprinkled on top of some fruit and meringues for a luxurious pudding.

This compote is easy to make and only requires 4 ingredients so why not whip up a batch today.

plum reciepes
Daisies & Pie

2. Plum and Amaretto Jam

This plum recipe sounds amazing! Don’t you agree? I think it sounds like one I would love to use now and then save some for winter and once again if you use this recipe by Attachment Mummy then you will only need 4 ingredients keeping it super simple.

3. Stewed Fruit

Attachment Mummy also has a fab stewed fruit recipe for you to try which is great for using up not just your plums but any other excess fruit you may have this season too.

4. Plum Ice Cream

Four seems to be the lucky number when it comes to the number of ingredients needed for our plum recipes today as this no churn plum ice cream recipe by Hodge Podge Days also only requires 4 ingredients and sounds like a perfect way to end the summer.

plum recipes
Hodge Podge Days

5. Plum and Ginger Cheesecake swirls

Cheesecake is my all time favourite pudding so I was delighted when I was looking for plum recipes to share with you all and came across this cheesecake one by Slummy Single Mummy. It sounds delicious although it is breaking the 4 ingredients rule as you will need 10 different ingredients for this one but I’m pretty sure it will be worth the trip to the shops.

6. Plum Trifle 

If you are looking for a more wintery or Christmas style pudding then Slummy Single Mummy shines through again with her reduced calorie Christmas sherry plum trifle. I’m guessing you could make this at any time of year but for me trifle is a Christmas thing  and I’m not sure it would seem right eating it in summer, what do you think?

7. Plum Jelly

Hodge Podge Days has a very simple 3 ingredients recipe for plum jelly which might just be the easiest way to use up those surplus plums.

plum recipes

8. Plum Crumble Cake

Last but not least our the 8th recipe on our plum recipes list is this plum crumble cake which sounds amazing from Mummy Alarm and which I think would actually be perfect if served alongside a big dollop of the plum ice cream. This would be delicious after our Tomato and red pepper soup.

What are your favourite plum recipes?

If you prefer pears to plums then be sure to have a look at our spiced pear tarte tatin recipe and if you are on the hunt for something more savory than sweet check out our tomato and roasted red pepper soup.