Claremont Farm Pick Your Own Fruit

Here at The Strawberry Fountain we love nothing more than strawberries. One of our favourite summer activities is strawberry picking, so that’s how we spent our Father’s Day. Picking strawberries at Claremont Farm in Bebington up the Wirral.

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Where is Claremont Farm?

Claremont Farm is in the North West of England, in the Wirral . The exact address is below.

Claremont Farm
Old Clatterbridge Road
Bebington, Wirral
CH63 4JB

Opening hours for Claremont Farm

9:00am till 5:00pm

What is there to do at Claremont Farm?

At Claremont Farm you will find a selection of fruits that you can pick yourself at various times throughout the year. Along side the P.Y.O activities you will also find a well stocked farm shop and a café. If you are looking for a farm with animals, this isn’t it but you can check out our list of the best farms on the Wirral, if you prefer.

Our Review of Claremont Farm

We headed over to Claremont Farm on the Wirral where you can pick a variety of fruits throughout the year, currently available (June) are strawberries and gooseberries, obviously we opted for the strawberries. With a large tub in hand we headed over to the rows and rows of plants searching for the biggest, juiciest, reddest fruits possible, all competing to uncover the best strawberry in the land.

claremont farm

Whilst searching for strawberries we discovered that someone, or something, had beaten us to it.  A number of the berries had bite marks, holes and bits missing. And I don’t mean caterpillar size nibbles, I mean gigantic bite marks that look like a toddler has crawled across the mud munching away like it is some sort of all you can eat buffet! Or perhaps it could have been a family of rabbits enjoying a midnight feast, who knows? This didn’t really matter as there was still hundreds of strawberries to pick, in fact it just made my boys choose more carefully and fully inspect their finds before removing them from the plants.

We managed to gather a huge haul of delectable fruits and we may (definitely) have devoured a couple of the most juiciest mid collection. It is pretty hungry work fruit picking you know.

My boys thoroughly enjoyed it and were eager to eat their handy work on returning home. We find that if you pick it yourself it is not only fresher, tastier and juicier than the supermarket but it also looses its fruit and vegetable status meaning kids will not only eat them but will actually ask for more – winner.

At £3.50 a kg you pay a bit more then the shop but the experience and freshness makes it worth it in my opinion and our bucket full below only cost us £4.39.

 claremont farm


Overall we had a wonderful time and we will definitely be going back again soon.

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