Back to school with Smiggle

Can you believe that September starts next week and with that the kids will return to, or in some case start, school. These summer holidays seem to have flown by yet at the same time when I think of everything we have managed to squeeze into the 6 weeks it actually seems like they started ages ago. I think I’ll actually miss the boys come next week and the house is silent for the first time in a long time. How about you? Are you ready for them to return to school?

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Anyway, with the return to school comes the back to school shop and I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any of you that I am still not completely ready. However, I do have the shoes ready and I have ordered the jumpers online so hopefully they will arrive this week, and thanks to Smiggle I have most of the non uniform essentials, ( some we have been sent and some we have bought), so I’m not completely unorganised but I do have a few bits left to finish off this week.


Smiggle is a brand that both the kids and I love. For me it’s the quality and quirkiness of the products, for the boys I think it is more the designs, that and the fact that nearly every other child in their school also loves Smiggle, especially the kids in my 9 year olds class. So it was no surprise this year when they asked for Smiggle back packs, lunch boxes and pencil cases.


Now one thing I can say is that the quality of the Smiggle back packs are amazing, so much so that my eldest has opted to keep his back pack from last year because he still loves it and there is nothing at all wrong with it, (winner). And I know as a mum myself you can sometimes look at the prices in Smiggle and wince and think you can buy the stuff cheaper elsewhere, and you can, but the quality of the Smiggle items really is fab and they really do last so are, in my opinion, worth it.


The tiddler on the other hand didn’t use a bag last year, instead he had a school issue reading pack, but as he enters year 2 he has informed me that he needs a proper bag and was very excited when we showed him this dinosaur one that he has very kindly been sent from Smiggle. Especially as it came with a matching lunch box that connects to the front of his bag making it so much easier to carry, as well as a matching drinks bottle.


Although the big’un decided he didn’t need a new school bag this year he did ask for a new pencil case so we have treated him to one from Smiggle (obviously) using the money we saved on him not wanting a bag plus the Bank holiday sale. This pencil case he chose comes full of everything he could possibly need, although he has managed to squeeze in a packet of  gel pens too that he some how managed to persuade me to buy. He is so my son when it comes to stationery.



If like me you are about to embark on the  back to school shop, or just finish off the shopping with a few bits then be sure to check out the Smiggle website or pop in store as they have loads of products for school (and work) for both boys and girls.

Cosmos Character Junior Backpack

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(We were sent some Smiggle items in exchange for this article).