Smiggle – the stationery all the kids are talking about

We were first introduced to the world of Smiggle back in July 2016 when we were invited as a family to the launch of their new range at the their Manchester store. We had a wonderful morning and left with a selection of fun and interesting pieces of stationery and small toys. Since then we have included Smiggle items in the boys Christmas stockings and have purchased items as gifts for their friends birthdays.

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You see, the thing with Smiggle is that it’s not all plain pens and lined paper but really cool items that make the kids WANT to write, colour and draw, which to me is a real bonus. Anything that can make homework time more fun and less of a battle of wills gets my vote.

As summer approaches so does the new range and this year they have some great items to encourage your children to get creative. They are perfect for some art and craft fun over the holidays or to put to one side for the new school year making your children the envy of everyone in their class.

The range includes,

Colour change pencils that magically change colour when you touch them.


Scented pencils including this cola scented one. What better way to get the imagination flowing as you write than some of your favourite scents wafting up your nose with each new word.


Pencil cases covered in emoji’s and in true Smiggle style they have lots of secret compartments and different areas to keep all your favourite stationery pieces safe.


Smiggle also have other items to help you get ready for the new term from water bottles to ruck sacks. These bottles are a great idea, especially for the summer months as they have a built in frezer stick to keep the drinks cool. So if you are unsure what to pack in the back to school bag then make sure you visit Smiggle.