Review: S’ip by S’well water bottles

S’ip by s’well water bottles

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My eldest is a chewer. The psychology teacher is me believes this is because he got stuck at the oral stage in his infancy, the parent in me thinks this is because he wants to drive me over the edge! Whatever the reason, he chews and for those that don’t know my eldest isn’t 3 he is in fact 8 but like I said he still chews.


He chews the necklines on his jumpers, he chews his non existent fingernails and he has even manged to chew straight through the sleeve of his coat. I don’t even think he knows he is doing it half the time but the habit drives me mad and costs me a bloody fortune.


Over the past 4 years of schooling we must have gone through countless water bottles because he either chews through the straw so it literally comes off and renders the bottle useless or he chews the “sucky” bit at the top so that the dam thing leaks all over his school bag – although I am sure he thinks a wet school book will excuse him from homework. Not on my watch kid not on my watch!


So as we prepared for another school year with some brand new water bottles he was under strict instructions to stop chewing but then one week in I was asked to review the S’ip by S’well water bottles and just like that the drama was over.

s'ip by s'well

The S’ip by S’well water bottles literally have nothing to chew. They are made of metal and you (as the name suggests) sip from them. They are perfect for my little chewer but they are also perfect for the whole family.

What makes the s’ip by s’well water bottles so good?

  • They are available in cool colours and designs, including a strawberry one that I have my eye on. 
  • They can be use for both hot and cold drinks, keeping your hot drinks hot for an impressive 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24. 
  • They are condensation free 
  • They are double walled meaning they are even less likely to be broken by accident prone children (or parents)
  • They are leak free, another bonus for when using them in the school bags. 


These stylish s’ip by s’well water bottles are great and although style wasn’t my main concern, as I was too pre occupied with the whole chewing debacle, using the S’ip by S’well range is actually better for the environment too as it prevents the use of unnecessary plastic bottles. And if that still isn’t enough to convince you then how about the fact that S’ip by S’well are a company that actively support a charity too.

S’ip by S’well are a partner of the UNICEF USA where they actively support water programs and help improve access to clean water for those that often go with out, so yeah a pretty top notch company that offer top notch products, not to mention solutions for chewers!


(We were sent some s’ip by s’well water bottles in exchange for an honest reveiw).