Three Gifts Your Pregnant Friend Will Love

When you’re expecting your first baby to be born in a couple of months, weeks or even days, you have a lot on your mind. Being a parent for the first time can be quite daunting – and whatever you can do to make it easier for your friend will be greatly appreciated no matter if it’s giving them a gift or just being there for emotional support.

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Here is a handy list of gifts your pregnant friend will definitely love to receive so that you can feel confident that you’re taking proper care of her and being the best friend you can be.


#1 Crib or a basket


It’s an obvious gift for prospective parents, but they are going to need it – and what better way to be a great friend than giving them exactly what they need? There are so many cribs and baskets to choose from in any way so by taking care of this for them, you’re also doing them a favour by saving them time from shopping for cribs.


Try to figure out what type of cribs they have in mind, first of all, and give them a gift that’s fully equipped with everything they need for it such as a mattress and a crib cover. My personal recommendation would be for the Mokee Wool nest which is stylish and comfy or if you want to really spoil them then you could go for the Mokee cot bed.


#2 Maternity pillow

Give your friend the gift of a sound and comfortable sleep; maternity pillows are great for giving her tired body a bit of extra relief so that she can sleep throughout the night. There is a wide range of nursing pillows or maternity pillows, though, so get her one in a colour that you know she’ll love.

It hugs around the body and lifts it slightly off the bed or sofa so that she’s able to get complete support as well as protecting the baby while she sleeps.


#3 Memory book


When you have so much on your mind and are trying to prepare yourself for being a parent, it’s easy to forget about the small things – such as a memory book. She might not be too focused on capturing all of those memories right now but when her little one is about to grow up, she’ll wish that she took more pictures and captured each moment.

By giving her a memory book as a gift, you’re also ensuring that she remembers to make a note of everything that happens during her baby’s first year. Plus, when the baby is all grown up, the family can look back at the book as a little keepsake – and you can feel smug about having been the one who picked it out for them.

Having a pregnant friend is an exciting time for all of you – even if you’re not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon yourself. By taking proper care of her and being there through the hormonal and anxious times, you’re definitely being the best kind of friend.

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