Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Mums To Be Will Love

Now that I am in my thirties I find that I am being invited to less weddings and more baby showers.  I love a baby shower as much as the next person but I often find I struggle to think of gifts my pregnant friends will love and that wont be repeated several times or is likely to be something they have already bought in preparation for the upcoming arrival themselves. In a bid to find some great gifts I have created a list of baby shower gift ideas that I think are sure to be a hit wit with the new mum to be.

Unusual baby shower gift ideas for mum

I find that so often everyone is excited to treat the baby and buy some gorgeous outfits in teeny tiny sizes that the mum can get forgotten. The mum to be will no doubt be enduring some of the biggest changes in her life and as much as she will love all the gifts for baby I do think it is a lovely idea to remember mum too as she definitely deserves a little treat.

Pregnancy and nursing organic tea

Nipper & Co offer these wonderful herbal teas in a variety of flavours all aimed at helping with different areas of pregnancy or baby stages. They also offer a gift box service to help you really dress up the gift so that it look suitable for a baby shower. This set in the pink gift box contains three sets of tea

1 Organic Mum’s Milk – to hep with lactation and milk flow for breastfeeding mums

2 Organic Calm Tummy – to aid recovery from colic in babies

3 Organic Happy Bumps – to aid relaxation for mum to be

These individual packs of tea cost £6.49 and if you are going to use one of their gift boxes then 3 is the perfect number to fill it.  Not only does it look like a nice gift but it incorporates both mum and baby and seen as though wine is off limits right now these teas could fast become her new favourite drink.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Beauty Products

If you want to get mum-to-be a baby shower gift just for her then Palmers is a must. Whether you buy a few products and create a gift bag or add just one or two to a new mum care package is you but whatever you decide to do will be much appreciated. Palmers cocoa Butter products are indulgent and smell amazing but more importantly they are created with Vitamin E and and come dermatologist recommended. They have products that aim at softening dry skin and others that focus on smoothing marks and toning the skin which is perfect for those stretching bellies. Palmers are also really affordable products meaning you can give an indulgent treat even on a smaller budget.

Duel beauty and home products

Yep you read that right Dr. Bronner’s have created some incredible all-in-one products that can be used for body, hands and the home making these a brilliant time saving product for mum-to-be, no matter the issue she can grab these products and clean herself, the baby or any mess that has happened. All of these products are made from the finest plant oils without synthetic detergents or foaming agents. Thy contain organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil and organic jojoba oil. What’s even more impressive is that these products are vegan friendly, fair trade guaranteed, certified B corporation and BDIH certified too, giving mum-to-be complete peace of mind.

A voucher for a photo book

One thing all new parents are likely to agree on is that those first few months of parenthood are when you take the most photos. You want to capture all the firsts, every family member and friend wants a snap with the latest addition and those cute outfits are just too cute not to take a picture of. However what to do with all those pictures is the real question. Having a voucher for some online photobooks will be the best gift when they are ready to collate all their favourite pictures and treasure them forever.

Unusual baby shower gift ideas for baby

As I mentioned earlier babies are inundated with gifts at baby showers and most have wardrobes to be jealous of by the end of the party not to mention enough cuddly toys to see them through their childhood, so here are a few different ideas that will be equally, if not more, appreciated by the mum to be.

Glow Travel Sleep Easy

The Glow Travel Sleep Easy is a rather unique gift idea but it will be loved by the new parents, especially those that will be travelling with the baby, even if it’s just to the in laws. This fab little device provides a gentle glow and a relaxing, calming scent to any room, making good quality sleep a lot easier for both the parents and the new baby. The battery life lasts 14 hours, there is no need for water and it is really compact making it easy to pack in the baby bag and take with them on their travels.


If you know what colour the new nursery is going to be then some bedding for the cot is a lovely idea. Most new mums only buy one set at this point as they plan on having the baby in  a crib in their room for a while so the cot is usually made up for decoration more than anything else. Yet when it comes to moving the baby into their own room parents often find that multiple sets of bedding are required in case of leaking nappies, sick, or dribble and so having a set handy from the baby shower can be a god send. The mokee company have some beautiful bedding ranges available in an array of colours and patterns, most plain ones should fit in the majority,  if not all, nurseries. The grey one is a lovely light shade and one that is very on trend at the moment and suitable for either a boy or a girl and as it is made of cotton jersey it is so soft that any mum will be more than happy to rest their baby on this at night. If you would rather opt for bedding they can use sooner rather than later then they also offer bottom sheets suitable for the wool nest.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Stroller fan

It doesn’t matter what time of year the baby was born as at some point during it’s first year it will be summer and on those really hot days trying to keep a baby cool enough whilst out for a walk can be a real concern. These clip on flans are excellent and only £8.99 from Dreambaby. They are available in a selection of colours and are really easy to use meaning you can move them from one stroller to another, or even to a play pen or high chair, at any time. And for those safety conscious amongst us fear not as  these feature soft, baby-safe foam fins so even if baby does manage to reach it they will not be harmed.

Angelcare 2-in-1 bathtub

Bathing the new born can be quite a tricky task, especially if the new mum had a traumatic birth or a c-section which can make getting in to the right position painful. However, the Angelcare 2-in-1 bathtub makes bath time much easier and more fun. It is designed to be able to support babies from the newborn stage up to 12 months in either lying down (0-6m) or sitting up (6-12m) positions. It is easy to use and requires no set and due to it’s lightweight nature it can be moved around and used in both baths and showers. This really is a baby shower gift that parents will be thanking you for the whole year through.

Lumiblo Lantern Night Light

The Pabobo Lumiblo Lantern Night Light is the latest night light to hit the shelves and is the gift that parents don’t know they need until they have one. This magic night light can be activated by a simple blow of your breath making it super easy to turn on and off or even adjust the brightness. Being able to operate a night light like this will make parents life so much easier, no more need to stretch across the cot and risk waking the baby  up.

Salcura skin products

Baby showers are notorious for kitting out the new family to be with baby products that can be used from the early stages such as; baby wipes, nappies and even bubble bath but if you want to get something a little bit different and more specialist  then check out the salcura range. They have lots of products to choose from and you could create a lovely little hamper or gift bag with these yourself with prices starting from 99p. These products are brilliant for mums to have in in case they ever have concerns over their child’s skin. They are specially formulated for those who are living with eczema or very dry skin but can be used by everyone and leave the skin feeling so nourished and moisturised that mum will be relieved to be able to have these on hand should she worry that the baby has some dry or itchy skin that needs something more than the standard products.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Baby toys

If you still want to get a gift for the baby but like me think cuddly toys are going to be a running theme at the baby shower then how about something like these sensory animal balls from the French designers at Baby To Love. They are cute, make a noise when moved, and help baby with their fine motor skills. What more could a new mum want for her child then a toy that will not only keep the baby occupied and quiet for a while but is educational too?

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Or an alternative is to think a few months down the line and opt for a toy that will be extremely handy once the baby starts teething. MAM have a range of toys for babies including their bite and brush which has very soft bristles to help clean those first teeth, is very easy to grab so baby can use it themselves with ease and it has different structures which will help to massage the gums and soothe the baby, in turn helping mum no end. With prices as little as £5.99 this is a great affordable option or could be an add on gift alongside something else.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Alternatively you could opt for a sensory toy that will help babies development. Again MAM have a few options available that are suitable from two months in their friends range which start from £7.99. Each toy is handmade from natural rubber, is 100% baby safe and is also BBP and BBS free.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

There are also massaging teethers that are slightly harder than the above sensory ones and these are by Dr Browns. They are suitable from 3 months but as every new mum will tell you three months and the teething stage seems to arrive over night and it is definitely easier if you are already prepared with a variety of teething toys that you can use to pacify the baby. These particular Dr Browns ones are in the shape of zoo animals, are easy for little fingers to grip and are BPA FREE.

The elephant one is from the flexees friends range and is ideal for biting, chewing, tongue exploration and speech development, making it so much more than ‘just a teether’ and one that will be very much appreciated by the new parents to be.

Whereas the giraffe is from the Ridgees range and is smoother than the elephant, is designed by a pediatric dentist to ease pain during teething, reaches all areas of the mouth and is great for providing pressure relief from erupting teeth.

Two different types of teethers but both very much appreciated by both parents and babies.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Adjustable backseat mirror

An adjustable backseat mirror is one of those items that you don’t know you need until you go for a drive and realise you can’t see baby and immediately have to go and find one. They are rarely on the list of items that first time parents buy or ask for before baby is born because they simply haven’t realised how much they will need one. Buying them one of these as their baby shower gift will be a massive blessing in the first weeks of baby’s life and will save them a lot of stress and worry trying to work out where to get one. This one from Dreambaby is perfect

  • The rotating swivel arm makes it easy to adjust the mirror for maximum visibility
  • Rotate and tilt mirror to desired angle and fix in place with the securing dial
  • Large mirror with a wide-angled view
  • Fits most free-standing adjustable headrests

Sudocrem naturals 

Now a Sudocrem set might not seem all that unusual, in fact it probably seems like one of the most common gifts to get, but on this occasion you’d be wrong and here’s why. Sudocrem naturals is a brand new range and what makes it even more special is that new products and ranges from Sudocrem are virtually unheard of. The Sudocrem Naturals Nappy Cream is a 96% naturally derived, vegan friendly formula and will appeal to mums and parents looking to make more sustainable and natural choices for their baby and the planet maing this a great gift for a baby shower.

Baby shower gift ideas for Mum and Baby

The mum-to-be hamper

If you want to buy a gift that incorporates both the baby and the mum-to-be then Bumble & Bee have some show stopping hampers.  There are a number of hampers to choose from ranging in price including the one featured below.

This beautiful hamper contains

  • 1 x Indulgent chocolates for the parents to be.
  • 1 x Mum to be mug.
  • 1 x 100% cotton baby muslin baby wrap. Pink.
  • 1 x Baby knit booties. 0-6 months. Pink
  • 1 x Alcohol free, vegan sparkling wine. Let mum-to-be celebrate too.
  • 3 x Organic sleepy tea bag. Neal’s Yard remedies. Put the mug to use!
  • 1 x Pink knit ballerina soft toy. Suitable from birth. A little gift for the little girl when she arrives

In addition to the contents the hamper is a gift in itself as the wicker basket can be used for storage, display or as a lovely keepsake box to collect all of babies 1st’s.

If you know mum to be is expecting a boy you can opt for a boy themed hampers instead and if the gender is a surprise then they also have gender neutral hampers.

dreamgenii baby carrier

One of the best gifts I was bought after I had my baby was a carrier. They are perfect for maintaining contact with baby but also freeing up the hands so mum/dad can get on with other tasks or see to other children. There are lots of different carriers on the market but the dreamgenii snuggleroo is perfect from birth and as it can be used in 4 different positions it can grow with your child past the 9 month mark up to 15kg. The snuggleroo is a mix of fabric wrap fronting which is comfy and snug for baby and adjustable strap fasteners at the back that make it feel secure. It is also approved by the international hip dysplasia institute as it supports babies hips in the correct position for the prevention of hip dysplasia.

unusual baby shower gift ideas

YI Pro 2K Home Camera

The in home camera is such an unusual gift idea but it is one that parents will be so thankful for as it will give them peace of mind when they put their baby down for a nap or when they go in their own room at night. This camera has 2k super clear video and image quality, enhanced night vision and is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.  It also has a two way speaker so not only will they be able to hear them if they wake but they will also be able to speak to them and comfort them via the camera. It is easy to use and connects to your phone so no matter where you are in the house you they will be able to check on baby. The YI Pro 2K camera makes the perfect gift as it surprisingly comes in at under £25.

Petit Jovial Luxury skincare 

If you want to treat mum and baby with one gift that is suitable for them both then have a look at the luxury vegan skincare range by Petit Jovial. These products are made in England using the finest natural ingredients and are gentle enough for babies but also so effective that parents love them too.

This beautiful range includes;

Bath oil

Nourishing balm and

Massage oil

unusual baby shower gift ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Siblings 

If the mum to be already has a child you may find that a number of guests turn up at the baby shower with a gift for them too, especially if they are under 5 and about to become a big brother or sister for the first time. This isn’t something you have to do but if it is something you want to do then consider smaller token gifts that are fun and, more importantly, can be used by the child on their own to occupy them when mum is busy with the new baby. For those aged 3 and over this Mini Mushroom Bowling game is perfect. Not only is it a beautiful wooden set but it can also be played solo or with others and comes in a really handy storage bag so it can be taken with the family when they are out and about.

If you have any other unusual baby shower gift ideas that you have either received and loved or bought for others then do let me know in the comment section.

If you are the one planning the baby shower than make sure you have lots of fun games planned and if you have people who are joining in via zoom then check out these virtual baby shower games.