Gifts For Breastfeeding Mums By Fairy Milk Mother | A review

I was recently introduced to a company called the Fairy Milk Mother who offer subscription boxes as gifts for breastfeeding mums. Now I’ve said it before, these subscription boxes are popping up all over the place for so many different reasons, pets, kids, beauty, periods, you name it there is a subscription box for it and some are awesome and some are just a little silly in my opinion. However, at 38 weeks pregnant with the desire to try and breastfeed our baby once it arrives I figured I would be daft not to at least have a look at what the Fairy Milk Mother are offering, although if I am honest I was a little dubious as to what exactly a breast feeder could possible need and when I was told I would be sent the basic box my expectations dropped even further.

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However, last week the box arrived and I was blown away by just how much stuff it contained. It certainly didn’t resemble a basic box and my feedback to the company would be to rethink how they name their different boxes, maybe bronze, silver and gold would work better than basic, classic and premium.

My box was priced at £24.99 yet the contents, if bought individually, could easily be double that.

It consisted of

A lovely boob pillow case with pillow from Sass & Belle

A nurture star Silicone manual breast pump

A dead sea Algimum active seaweed mask

some gluten free pop oats

A white Topshop maternity vest top

Some Pukka motherkind baby tea bags for breastfeeding mums

A box of Natracare nursing pads

and a book called Invisible Women by Sarah Long.

gifts for breastfeeding mums

I’m sure you will agree this is a jam packed box for £24.99 and everything in it is really usable, nothing will go to waste and I love how although they have focused on the breastfeeding needs them self with the pads and the pump, they have also considered the mum’s need for self care with the face mask and the book. And as any breastfeeding mum will tell you it can be one tough journey and the harder it is the more you get stressed but the more you get stressed the harder it is so being not only able to but encouraged to take a little bit of time for you is a brilliant idea and can really help the whole breastfeeding process.

gifts for breastfeeding mums         gifts for breastfeeding mums

I am absolutely blown away by this subscription box and love the fact that you can either sign up for a monthly box on one of 3 levels ranging from £24.99-£44.99 or you can purchase a one off box. I think that the one off box would make an ideal gift for a new mum or a baby shower gift, a little bit unique, fantastic value for money, and full of practical items that would be perfect for their hospital bag.

The Fairy Milk Mother has by far exceeded my expectations and I would most definitely recommend these subscription boxes as gifts for breastfeeding mums.

(This box was gifted to me in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).