Unusual baby shower gift ideas that mums to be will love

baby shower gift ideas

Now that I am in my thirties I find that I am being invited to less weddings and more baby showers, anyone else? I love a baby shower as much as the next person I often find I struggle to think of gift ideas that will be loved by the mum to be but wont be repeated several times or is likely to be something they have already bought in preparation for the upcoming arrival themselves. In a bid to find some great gift ideas I have created a list of baby shower gift ideas that I think are a little more unusual but are sure to be a hit wit with the new mum to be.


Gifts for mum

I find that so often everyone is excited to treat the baby and indulge in some gorgeous outfits in teeny tiny sizes, which is really nice but I always think it is a lovely idea to remember mum too as she is definitely going through a lot right now, so a little gift that mum can enjoy is always a nice touch.

Pregnancy and nursing organic tea

Nipper & Co offer these wonderful herbal teas in a variety of flavours all aimed at helping with different areas of pregnancy or baby stages. They also offer a gift box service to help you really dress up the gift so that it look suitable for a baby shower. This set in the pink gift box contains three sets of tea

1 Organic Mum’s Milk – to hep with lactation and milk flow

2 Organic Calm Tummy – to aid recovery from colic in babies

3 Organic Happy Bumps – to aid relaxation for mum to be

These individual packs of tea cost £6.49 and if you are going to use one of their gift boxes then 3 is the perfect number to fill it.  Not only does it look like a nice gift but it incorporates both mum and baby and seen as though wine is off limits right now these teas could fast become her new favourite drink.

baby shower gift ideas

Alcohol free wine

Speaking of going alcohol free most mums to be feel this is a small sacrifice to pay for the bundle of joy that awaits them at the end of the 9 months but even so there is likely to be occasions where everyone around them is enjoying a glass of fizz and once again they are left with just some juice or water. Giving the gift of a bottle of Botonique or two can help them feel like they can join in the festivities and enjoy a glass of fizz  with friends without any guilt what so ever. These Botonique drinks are more than just your average alcohol free wine as they have been created to replace the nutrients alcohol depletes using a blend of botanical extracts enriched with Prelixir vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making them even more appealing to the health conscious mum to be. There are two to choose from,  dry white and blush and cost £15 for two bottles.

baby shower gift ideas


Chocolates might not seem like that much of an unusual gift but you would be surprised how many times the mum to be is forgotten at the baby shower and even a simple box of chocolates along side the gift for baby will be enough to make her smile and remind her that she too is loved. The new Thorntons Pearls are a delicacy when it comes to chocolate, available in salted caramel and nutty crunch. Personally I don’t thin you can beat salted caramel but don’t take my word for it treat them to a packet of each and then help them to decide, assuming they are willing to share that is!

baby shower gift ideas

Gifts for baby

As I mentioned earlier babies are inundated with gifts at baby showers and most have wardrobes to be jealous of by the end of the party not to mention enough cuddly toys to see them through their childhood, so here are a few different ideas that will be equally, if not more, appreciated by the mum to be.



If you know what colour the new nursery is going to be then some bedding for the cot is a lovely idea. Most new mums only buy one set at this point as they plan on having the baby in  a crib in their room for a while so the cot is usually made up for decoration more than anything else. Yet when it comes to moving the baby into their own room parents often find that multiple sets of bedding are required in case of leaking nappies, sick, or dribble and so having a set handy from the baby shower can be a god send. The mokee company have some beautiful bedding ranges available in an array of colours and patterns, most plain ones should fit in the majority,  if not all, nurseries. The grey one is a lovely light shade and one that is very on trend at the moment and suitable for either a boy or a girl and as it is made of cotton jersey it is so soft that any mum will be more than happy to rest their baby on this at night. If you would rather opt for bedding they can use sooner rather than later then they also offer bottom sheets suitable for the wool nest.

baby shower gift ideas

Salcura skin products

Baby showers are notorious for kitting out the new family to be with baby products that can be used from the early stages such as; baby wipes, nappies and even bubble bath but if you want to get something a little bit different and more specialist  then check out the salcura range. They have lots of products to choose from and you could create a lovely little hamper or gift bag with these yourself with prices starting from 99p. These products are brilliant for mums to have in in case they ever have concerns over their child’s skin. They are specially formulated for those with eczema or very dry skin but can be used by everyone and leave the skin feeling so nourished and moisturised that mum will be relieved to be able to have these on hand should she worry that the baby has some dry or itchy skin that needs something more than the standard products.

baby shower gift ideas

Baby toys

If you still want to get a gift for the baby but like me think cuddly toys are going to be a running theme at the baby shower then how about something like these sensory animal balls from the french designers at Baby To Love. They are cute, make a noise when moved, and help baby with their fine motor skills. What more could a new mum want for her child then a toy that will not only keep the baby occupied and quiet for a while but is educational too?

baby shower gift ideas

If you have any other unusual baby shower gift ideas that you have either received and loved or bought for others then do let me know in the comment section.

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