Conscious Chocolate Review

Since attending the OM yoga show in Manchester last month and having a look at the Vegan Life Live Event whilst there, I have started to become a bit more interested in the vegan lifestyle and whether or not it could be for me.   One of my best friends is vegan and when she made the change I remember thinking she was mad, that she would be permanently hungry and unable to buy any normal stuff again. But in actual fact I am amazed at the amount of alternative foods available and just how many products are actually vegan friendly. One of the main things that I said would stop me from going vegan is my love for chocolate and cheese but there are even vegan versions of these available too and despite what I first thought they are actually delicious. Especially the vegan chocolate, my favourite so far is the Conscious Chocolate.

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I first tried Conscious Chocolate a few weeks ago when the team over at Conscious HQ sent me some of their chocolate bars to try for review purposes.  The conscious chocolate bars are hand made using organic and raw ingredients and are, of course, vegan friendly. They are dairy free, soya free and gluten free and are sweetened using agave nectar. When I heard that vegan chocolate was a thing I expected something bland, boring and to be honest something pretty awful but these are far from what I imagined.  The Conscious chocolate bars are actually available in 9 different flavours, with something for everyone from the fruity to the nutty or the simply plain if that’s your thing.

I was sent a box with 7 of the 9 different flavours of the vegan conscious chocolate bars to try, it was a hard job but hey, someone has to do it.

conscious chocolate review

So here it is, my my Conscious chocolate review

The nutty one

Essential orange

Wild at Heart (Maca, vanilla and blue-green algae)

Mint hint 

Goji and coconut 

Cheeky cherry 

Cranberry Kiss

They are all delicious and could easily replace any other none vegan chocolate bars but my absolute favourite has to be the nutty one.  This one is made from organic raw chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids packed with brazils, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts, it is absolutely divine.

Despite the Conscious Chocolate bars being suitable for vegans it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of any description and although in the past I would never have dreamt of trying something that was specifically for vegans, in the belief it would taste like cardboard, I can assure you that I will be purchasing the vegan friendly Conscious Chocolate again and my friends birthday present is now sorted as she will most definitely be receiving a box full of these!

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