Vegamour the Vegan Hair Brand | Review

What is Vegamour?

Vegamour is a vegan and cruelty free hair care brand. They use a combination of clinically tested plant-based ingredients that work together to enhance your hair naturally. They have a number of ranges each one designed to target specific issues to give you the beautiful hair you deserve without using any nasty chemicals or harming the world in the process.

The Vegamour Ranges

Vegamour currently offer 3 main ranges that help with a number of different issues.

Gro – The Gro range is perfect for those that are suffering with either hair loss or who want their hair to grow quicker.

Gro ageless – is perfect for those that are concerned bout greying hair.

Hydr-8 – has been designed to help restore drying and damaged hair.

If you are unsure which one is best for you then Vegamour have a free online quiz that you can take that will help identify your main hair problems and then recommend the best products for you.

My Vegamour Review

I was sent four products from the Hydr-8 range; the shampoo, conditioner, deep moisturising repair mask and the leave in conditioner. Each of these products contains Karmatin and is designed to revive dry and damaged hair making it stronger and giving it that healthy shine.


My first impressions when the HYDR-8 set arrived was of how nice the products look in the pink and gold and also how much more expensive they look than their actual price tag, superficial I know but when you have visitors staying over it’s always nice to have impressive looking products on show instead of ones that advertise the fact you have a problem you’re trying to fix!

The second thing I noticed, and loved, was the way the shampoo and conditioner bottles work. Unlike other brands I have used in the past you don’t remove the lids from these bottles you simply twist them and then squeeze. For me this is a total game changer as there is no more dropping the lids and spilling and the shampoo all over the shower. It also results in a lot less wastage as it’s easy to squeeze out the right amount instead of shaking the bottle, waiting ages for the conditioner to move, and then ending up with far too much.

All four of the HYDR-8 products have a subtle smell, similar to rose, which is very pleasant and not over bearing and all four are easy to use and did leave my hair feeling manageable and nice.

After 3 weeks of using these products I do think my hair feels less dry which was no doubt caused from years of heat abuse and I will continue to use them to see if the improvements continue. However, I think the results from the leave in conditioner are more noticeable and so far I can say that this is my favourite product and the one that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.


The leave in conditioner is to be applied to damp hair after washing and then left in. Literally left in, no need to wait five minutes or 12 hours and then rinse it out, you simply leave it in and style your hair which I love. It made my (curly) hair easier to manage acting like a detangle spray and when straightening my I was reassured that I wasn’t undoing all the hard work of the shampoo and conditioner as this product has thermal protection too.

Overall I really like the HYDR-8 products and would recommend them, especially if you are looking for cruelty free products or vegan friendly hair care.