ThinK the Vegan Prosecco| Review

If you’re vegan and on the hunt for a vegan friendly prosecco or sparkling Rose wine then ThinK might be just what you are looking for. Below is everything you need to know about the brand as well as hat we thought of both the ThinK Prosecco and ThinK sparkling Rose wine.

What is Think Wine?

ThinK Wine Group was founded by 33-year-old Kath Jones from Aigburth, Liverpool. Kath wanted to lose a few pounds but found that her busy social life that was connected to her career made it difficult and after speaking to others she realised that there was a need and a want for low calorie and low carb alcohol.

After some further research Kath created the Think Wine Group, her unique brand of premium, award-winning low-sugar, low-carb, vegan friendly, 11% ABV prosecco and sparkling rose.

ThinK Review

We were sent a bottle of the ThinK Prosecco and a bottle of the ThinK Pink, the vegan sparkling rose to review.

Organic Vegan Prosecco

The ThinK Prosecco is a vegan and organic sparkling wine with both reduced sugar and calories.   It is made from the finest Glera grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy and has an intense bouquet with light notes of green apple and citrus. The taste is fresh, aromatic and elegant, with light notes of bread crust and green apple.  ThinK Prosecco is a delicious complement to fried fish, tempura vegetables, tofu and fine meat. 

On first impressions I was impressed, the bottle of prosecco looks good and doesn’t scream diet or draw attention to the fact that it is vegan, organic, or healthy in anyway. Meaning you can order this on a night out with friends, a business meeting with clients or on a date without having any awkward conversations about your lifestyle choices.

Once opened I was even more impressed as it tastes lovely. It’s very fresh and fruity and the perfect prosecco for any celebration. I would definitely buy this again and I love the fact that it has the added bonus of being relatively guilt free. l thought that the low sugar content might make it a bit tasteless but that is definitley not the case, they have reduced the sugar but not the taste.

vegan prosecco

Organic Vegan Rose Wine

ThinK Pink is a Pinot Grigio sparkling rosé. It is a vegan and organic sparkling wine with both reduced sugar and calories. ThinK Pink is made from the finest Pinot Grigio grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy. Its appearance is fine and persistent perlage with a light pink colour.   It has a refined bouquet which is characterised by delicate hints of strawberry, gooseberries and pink grapefruit. The palate is fresh and delicate with a soft mousse. ThinK Prosecco pairs nicely with fish, vegetable and tofu dishes with light sauces.

Again the look of the product is great and would be impressive as a gift. It tastes great and offers all the benefits of being organic, vegan and low in calories. In comparison to the prosecco it was a bit sharper and I personally preferred the prosecco, however it was still nice and I have no doubt that if you normally opt for a sparkling rose than you will love this.

ThinK Wine is available in a number of bars and restaurants including

  • Pullman Hotel Liverpool,
  • ACC arena Liverpool,
  • Pendergast’s Warrington,
  • Castle Street Townhouse,
  • Chester Townhouse 
  • Hope and Smoke. 

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