5 Budget Travel Tips For Your Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip with the family this year then be prepared for lots of fun and adventure. Road trips are an amazing way to see the UK, even Europe if you don’t mind driving abroad, and they offer up great opportunities for going off the beaten track and exploring places that your usual package holiday wouldn’t naturally offer up. However, road trips can seem expensive, especially if you are leaving your plans loose and simply following the open road but this doesn’t have to be case, you can have an affordable break if you follow these budget travel tips for your road trip.

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Take food and snacks with you

When you embark on your road trip be sure to have packed plenty of snacks and drinks. These can be used in the car, especially if you are on the road for long periods of time but also if you get unexpectedly stuck in traffic. There is nothing worse than a car full of grumpy, hungry, children and no way to feed them, so be prepared and then pack extra!

When it comes to eating on your road trip be sure to make lots of picnics and buy bulk breakfast items like bags of apples, breakfast bars and croissants, as well as multi pack bags of crisps and sweet treats as this will save you a fortune in comparison to eating out three meals a day and buying snacks for the ever hungry children in the middle of an overpriced attraction.

Visit free attraction

Make the most of free attractions on your road trip to fill the days. The UK is full of free museums and art galleries which are great for adding some educational fun to your trip and also for hiding from the rain on bad weather days. You will also find other free attractions along the way, for example the Wirral has free farms so be sure to do a spot of research or ask the locals.

Consider your accommodation

When it comes to the accommodation use comparison sites where possible as they will usually help to find you the best price. Why not consider camping, glamping and YHA’s too as these will be a lot cheaper than hotels and renting properties.

Check your vehicle

Make sure that the car you using is the most cost effective car you can use and that it is in good shape, the last thing you need is an avoidable breakdown miles from home. If your car isn’t in great shape then why not consider rent a car just for the road trip or even upgrading your car by either buying a new one or getting one via  Vizion Finance. The last thing you need on a road trip is to be spending hours in an uncomfortable, unreliable car that doesn’t have enough room for all your belongings.

Plan your fuel

Although I would advocate for having loose plans and just going with the flow on your road trip staying paces longer when you love them and moving on sooner if they don’t live up to expectations one of the things you can do is to map out fuel stops. You can use apps to find the cheapest petrol stations and nearest electric charging points to help make sure you don’t run out or end up spending more than you need to. You may also want to plan your route if you know you want to go from one place to another taking into account the most fuel effective route too.

If you follow all five of these budget travel tips for your road trip you are sure to have a more cost effective trip.

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