5 Reasons Why Spain Is The Perfect Holiday Destination For Families

Spain was one of the first holidays my then boyfriend now husband and I went on together, in fact it was actually on a holiday in Spain when he popped the question too and we have since been back for many a holiday with the children as well as without. It is always one of the first destinations we look at when planning our annual holiday and when I spoke to some fellow parent bloggers it turns out were not alone in our thinking.

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So here are our top 5 reasons why we all think that Spain is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

The Weather

The Spanish weather is beautiful, warm enough for bikinis and plenty of sun bathing but not too hot that you find it unbearable or spend too much time worrying about the children getting sun stroke. Not just that but the weather is gorgeous for most of the year and according to Natasha from Kiddo Adventures who is out there right now the weather is still beautiful in October.

Whether you choose to stay in a hotel or a luxury clickstay villa  be sure to pick one that has a private outdoor pool and lovely terraced area so you can make the most of relaxing, swimming and sunbathing in the day and enjoying a BBQ and sangria in the evening whilst you watch the sun set.

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Short flight times or no flight at all 

Travelling with kids is never a fun prospect and as of yet we haven’t braved a long haul flight with our two but Spain really isn’t too far away. One of the perks of a Spanish holiday for Beth from Twinderelom is the short flight  times and with most Spanish airports being less than 4 hours away from England, some considerably less, it makes travelling as a family seem a lot less daunting.

And as Emma from The Money Whisperer points out if you really do not want to fly then you can indeed get the ferry and drive to Spain instead, it really is that accessible.

City break, beach holiday or a bit of both

One of my favourite things about Spain is that you can go for a weekend city break and explore beautiful cities like Barcelona or you can choose a beach holiday on the Costa del Sol and stay a couple of weeks, in Spain you will find something for everyone. Plus the train service in Spain is brilliant and easy to navigate so if you are feeling adventurous you could combine the two in one holiday like we did one year where we relaxed on a beach in Santa Suzanna and the traveled over to Barcelona for some sight seeing and exploring.

English speaking

When holidaying abroad you can not expect everyone to speak English and most people will enjoy learning a new language from the locals whilst away, however when travelling with children there is something reassuring about knowing that most people in the area can speak your language. It makes you feel safer knowing that should an emergency occur there will be people on hand that will understand you, or if needed, your children. The fact Spain is a holiday destination where English is predominantly spoken is also a huge plus point for Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum   as she feels this makes it easier for children to adapt to their new surroundings.

Lots to see and do

Spain is one of those places that you don’t ever tire of visiting because there is so much to see and do. From beaches and water parks, to cathedrals and zoos and for the more adventurous families out there then there are plenty of extreme sports to indulge in too. Everyday and indeed every holiday can be completely different and offer new experiences and ways to relax and unwind in the sun.

photo credit to www.adventuresofayorkshiremum.com

So if you are planning a holiday to Spain then fear not because you have made the best choice. All that is left to do now is book your  clickstay accommodation, pack your suitcase and follow these 5 tips for a holiday in Spain.

(This post is a collaborative post).