4 Must-Haves to Make Travelling with Kids Easier

Family trips are rising in popularity as travel restrictions loosen and parents can safely introduce their children to the outside world. Research from Hilton found that Brits are willing to spend £83.6bn on travel, food, and activities while on holiday in 2022, with 49% of travellers planning to take their kids with them on these trips. Local UK holiday destinations from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset to the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim have since been listed as favourite family holiday spots by The Independent. These locations have been selected due to their vast range of activities and sights that can help keep children simultaneously entertained and educated. However, it doesn’t hurt to be too prepared! Toddlers require lots of care and are notorious for being fussy, both inside and outside the house. With a few extra tools, travelling with our kids can be a fun and relaxing vacation. Let’s take a look at the four must-haves to get you started.

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Car seat

The safety of children is the top priority for every family on a trip. A high-back booster car seat may be impractical to lug around, but companies have developed a portable car booster seat that can be easily added to travel accessories. These come in a simple design that’s quick and easy to set up. BubbleBum’s award-winning inflatable car booster seat, for one, can be inflated in only 20 seconds. The seat can also fit snugly into a rucksack when deflated, as it weighs only 1.2lbs, allowing parents to easily use it in various locations, like restaurants.


Sightseeing is fun until our children are protesting about tired legs. To avoid having to carry our exhausted toddlers all day, a pushchair is a necessary addition to our travel kit. There are many portable designs in the market that are specifically made for travel. The multi-functional single pushchairs from iCandy range from the compact fold travel system of their Lime line to the pioneering multi-mode wheelbase of the Core model, which is ideal for travelling over different terrains. These models are lightweight and can be quickly folded making them ideal for taking on public transport. This ensures the toddlers are always comfortable, allowing the whole family to travel with ease, even on walking destinations such as the Lizard Peninsula Coast or the Dartmoor National Park.

First aid kit

Children ages 2 to 12 are particularly susceptible to motion sickness, as well as other types of bacterial or viral infections due to their lack of antibodies. It is key to have a first aid kit on hand, complete with medication such as Dramamine for Kids or Tylenol, to immediately mediate any symptoms lest you spend the whole trip worrying about your child’s health. Preventive measures can especially help ensure an enjoyable trip. If travelling abroad, make it a habit to check the UK Vaccination Schedule to make sure that your child is up to date with the latest vaccines. This will maximise their resistance against common viruses from polio to MMR.

Diversion tools

Even the most well-behaved toddler can throw a tantrum out of frustration or boredom mid-travel. In our previous article on Travel Toys For All Ages, we’ve listed a range of trinkets from the AlphaBee to the Kanoodle Duplexity that can keep your child entertained. It is best to invest in toys that will not only distract them but also get them invested in the outdoors, as opposed to simply giving them a screen to look at. For example, the Kidnoculars by GeoSafari can be provided when exploring the parks and the countryside, or even along the road. This will allow your child to take a closer look at nature from a safe distance, encouraging STEM learning while promoting an interest in the world around them. If you are travelling with a under 1 then don’t worry as there are still loads of travel toys that you can invest in that will keep them occupied, here are 50 of the best travel toys for under 1’s for you to choose from.

Travelling with kids can be very rewarding, as long as you make your preparations in advance. This will ensure smooth travels that your child will also remember for years to come.