9 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car When Exploring Scotland

Scotland is one of the most underrated places in the world. It is often linked to bad weather and not always considered a top destination for summer breaks. However, Scotland has everything you could want from an adventure; it has busy city centres for those that love to shop, impressive shore lines for those that want beach days and the most picturesque countryside locations you can imagine, including the lushest highlands, numerous lochs and breath taking waterfalls, all of which you need to see to truly appreciate their beauty. So, if you are looking for a UK staycation to remember then head to Scotland and here are 9 reasons why you should rent a car when you do.

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9 reasons why should you hire a car when exploring Scotland

Arrive in style

Unless you are local to Scotland you might find that the initial drive is a full days’ worth of driving, not to mention the driving that then needs to be done when exploring. This can be tiring and stressful, especially if you hit traffic and end up stuck in a hot car for even longer than anticipated. To avoid this look at alternative travel arrangements for getting to Scotland such as the train or even flying into Glasgow, Edinburgh or Fifie, where you can then hire a car and set off on your adventure

You may even find that traveling to Scotland via the train or plane is not only quicker and less stressful, giving you longer to enjoy your holiday, but that it is also more cost effective than the petrol required to get to Scotland, especially if you use a rail card. Not to mention it is much easier to keep the kids entertained on trains and planes than spending all day in a car.

Then once you arrive you can pick up your hire car, pop your suitcases in the boot and head off to your first destination feeling rested and ready for an adventure.

Our top tip would be to pick up your car in Glasgow via Discover Cars and then head up along the coast before travelling inland and coming back via the highlands to ensure you see a great mix of places.

Explore Scotland

Scotland has so much to offer that a holiday where you remain in one place is a missed opportunity. If you travel by train or plane and don’t hire a car you will be very limited on where you can go and although access to the main cities and towns via the local buses will be an option hiring a car will give you the freedom to go off the beaten track and really immerse ourself in the beauty that is on offer. Having a car will also mean you are not limited by times but that you can watch the sun rise of set on the beach, enjoy an evening open water swim or head to the highlands for some deer spotting.

Renting a car also means you can change your plans at the last minute, speak to the locals and then go and find those hidden gems that the tourist books don’t tell you about.

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Road Trip

Hiring a car does allow you to venture out further from your base than public transport but it also means you can have several bases and turn this holiday in to a road trip, driving from one location to another, exploring everywhere on the way. Being able to throw all your luggage in the boot and set off to your next location at a time that suits you will make this a super easy and stress-free way to visit lots of different places during one break.

Don’t forget to download these road trip trivia questions for your trip.

Avoid the crowds

If you want to see some of the famous landmarks in Scotland or experience some of the main tourist attractions then having a car means you can avoid the crowds and either get there as it opens and be the first to enjoy it before everyone else arrives or you can plan to arrive later in the day when most people who are reliant on public transport will be leaving.

Be prepared for the Scottish weather

Most people know the Scottish weather can be unpredictable. It can be glorious one minute and a total wash out the next but having your hire car handy means you can shelter from the rain if needed or even change your plans on a whim if needed.

Secondly, having a hire car means you can stock the boot with necessities such as umbrellas, water proofs, sun cream and towels so you never get caught short what ever the weather.

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Travel with friends and family

If you are thinking of holidaying with friends or family and then why not split the cost and the driving and hire one car between all of you instead of needing to take two cars everywhere you go. Opt for a 7 seater and you will all be go off on your adventures together, just make sure you name at least two drivers  so you can take it in turns if needed.

Save your car

Depending on what car you have at home you will probably find that you are able to hire a car that is more suitable for your Scottish adventure than the one you already own. You can opt to hire a car that you know will be able to cope with going offroad, one that can fit down those narrow country lanes and one that will master those hill starts no problem. You can go for one larger than the one you have at home so you and the family can all have more room and be comfortable or maybe choose a smaller one, especially if it’s a couples trip, so you can nip around Scotland with ease.

Whichever type of car you pick you can be sure it will be in fantastic condition having been regularly checked by the car hire company, so you are unlikely to have any unfortunate experiences with break downs like you might with your own car. Plus, all the miles you cover and any wear and tear from driving will be added to the hire car and not yours. So save your car and hire one instead!

Experience luxury

Renting a car also gives you the opportunity to drive a car you may not otherwise get the chance to drive. Why not splash the cash and pick a high-end car and travel in style with all the mod cons that will make your Scottish road trip even more memorable. Now it the perfect time to indulge and feed the fantasy, whether that’s a two seater sports car, a convertible or something more unique, the choice is entirely yours.

The ultimate test drive

Have you got your eye on a new car? Then why not treat this as the ultimate test drive and really put the car though it’s paces before you commit to buying one yourself. Find out if you like it as much as you think you will, what the fuel consumption is like, how it drives and whether it is too big or too small in reality. Buying a car is a huge investment, especially if you are buying a brand new one and test drives are usually pretty quick considering, so hire the car you have your eye on and make sure it works for the whole family.

So there you have it, 9 amazing reasons why you should hire a car for your next trip to Scotland and see everything it has to offer.

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