Staycations will be big from now on | Where will you go?

As a family we love a good staycation. We try and explore a new part of the UK every year and we also try and stay in different types of accommodations to make things even more exciting for the kids. From tipis in the lakes to day trips to Blackpool, there is so much to see and do right here in our own country that a staycation can be just as enjoyable as a holiday abroad, as long as you don’t mind forgoing the sun!

This year we are hoping to return to Nozstock for our family festival in the summer and then we have our sights set on a weekend in York, a couple of days in London and if all goes to plan the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh.

We have been to London a couple of times before but only ever for the day, we are hoping to be able to stay over this time and explore the area in more detail including a trip to Wembley, a west end show and, fingers crossed, the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

wembley stadium

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Despite my husband being half Scottish and us frequently visiting Scotland over the years I have never actually been to Edinburgh and yet it is definitely up there on my UK staycation must do’s, so hopefully this will be the year we get to tick it off. If so I am hoping to make a long weekend of it and visit

Edinburgh Castle

Arthur’s Seat

and The Writers Museum.

I am also pretty sure that if we do make it to Edinburgh my husband will ensure we take a tour round one of the Whiskey Distillery’s, especially if we manage to escape for a weekend without the children.


Although we haven’t booked our staycations just yet we are starting to look at what accommodation is available and what deals we can get. The times are still a bit uncertain but the majority of UK hotels are offering their customers the opportunity to rebook any holidays that need to be cancelled due to Covid which is very reassuring and makes the fear of loosing money should their be any issues a lot less.

If you are planning to any holidays abroad or staycations here in the UK then I really hope you enjoy them. I am sure that any kind of break that any of us get after this will be one that treasured to the max and that we will never take our freedom for granted again. Please also make sure that you check the regularly updated government guidelines before making any travel arrangements and stay staff.

If you have been to Edinburgh before and have any recommendations on places I should visit in November/December then please do let me know.

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