KooKoo But Kind | Eco friendly clothing for kids | Review

Like a lot of people I have recently been paying more attention to our contribution to the planet. I have started to look at how we can be more eco friendly by doing simple things that can make a big difference, such as recycling properly, reducing our waste and buying sustainable products more often. On this journey I have come across a number of sustainable and eco friendly brands that have really impressed me, one of which is KooKoo But Kind.

What is KooKoo But Kind? 

KooKo But Kind is a children’s clothing company that produces gender neutral items that are bold, colourful and eye catching, for ages 3 to 14.  There are currently three collections available:

Be Kind – Which is all about the rainbows, future leaders and being eco warriors.

Endangered  – Which focuses on endangered animals like the Gorilla.

Denim – Pretty much what it sounds like, denim jackets but with a twist.

We were sent 3 pieces from the endangered collection, two T-shirts and a jumper, to review.

kookoo but kind

How are KooKoo But Kind eco friendly?

Kooko But Kind caught my eye because their clothing is sustainable. All their pieces are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester and they are chemical free.


However, what really got my attention was the work that they do along side the clothing creation. It’s about the extra mile (and then some) that they go to that really shows this company isn’t sustainable just because it’s the “trendy” thing to be at the moment but because it is clearly a true passion of the team.

Firstly, when producing their clothing lines they only create a limited number of each item to reduce waste. Then there is the fact that all the clothes are produced in factories that use 100% of their electricity from renewable sources and 100% carbon neutral gas. But, if that isn’t enough, what really got my attention was the fact that for every 100 items that KooKoo But Kind sell they have pledged to buy an acre of land through trusted conservation partners. Land that can then not be sold on, chopped down or built on. It is this kind of behaviour that sets KooKoo But Kind ahead of other eco friendly kids clothing companies. 

What did we think of KooKoo But Kind?

First impressions are important and our first impressions were good ones. I loved the care and attention that had gone in to the packaging. Each item was individually wrapped in paper covered in animal designs that not only looks great but that can be reused and coloured in. The clothes themselves were also lovely. The T-shirts are really nice and true to size and the jumper is nice, thick and comfy, it fees very good quality and worth the money in my opinion. The only thing I would say with the jumpers is go up a size as they are slightly small so size up to be on the safe side and to get more wear for your money.kookoo but kind


If you are looking to support eco friendly brands, or are wanting to make some more conscious purchases when it comes to your children’s clothing then I highly recommend that you check out the KooKoo But Kind range. They are bright, colourful and gender neutral.


(We were sent three items of clothing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own).