Frugi | Organic Clothes For Babies And Children | Review

As a family we have started to become a lot more aware of the impact our actions have on the world we live in. We have started to make small changes, buying more eco friendly and sustainable products, reducing our food waste and being more mindful about our choices. In order to do this we have researched lots of new products and sustainability projects and I have also been working with a number of brands that pride themselves on being eco friendly and sustainable. One such brand is Frugi.

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Who are Frugi?

Frugi are an award winning organic clothing brand. They pride themselves on using only the best 100% organic cotton, grown by farmers that they trust. By using organic cotton they can ensure that their clothes are soft, snuggly and durable which is exactly what parents need for their children. When Frugi are not using cotton to create their beautiful indoor clothes they are using recycled plastic bottles to create their awesome outerwear, saving the planet one coat at a time!

Frugi clothes are not just great for those that are eco conscious but also for those that are fun loving and vibrant as all their designs are bright, cheerful and lots of fun. They feature lots of animals in their designs and jazz them up with crazy faces or added extras like tassels. Their children’s range is full of items that simply make you smile when you look at them and who doesn’t want that?

Our review of Frugi organic clothes

Both Connor and Layla were kindly gifted two Frugi items each for a review.


When they arrived Connor couldn’t wait to try on the clothes, since a young age he has loved quirky clothes. He absolutely loved the Carsen Applique T-shirt and thought the design was hilarious, immediately asking if he could wear it to the next non uniform day at school so he could show his friends.

From a mums point of view I agreed with Connor about the top, I loved it. It was so bright, different and cheeky. It matches Connor’s personality perfectly! But what was wasted on an eight year old but was loved by me was the quality of the T-shirt. It is hard to see from pictures but it is thicker than your average T-shirt, it’s lovely and soft and feels very well made.

He also liked the shorts but at 8 these were more something that he would simply wear with the T-shirt. It was definitely the T-shirt itself that was the show stopper piece as far as he was concerned.


The Seth Seersucker shorts retail at £21 and again I can’t fault them. They are nice and soft and light which will be perfect in the summer months and even better if we manage to get abroad any time soon. They are smart and could be worn with a shirt for an event to dress them up but also dressed down with a t-shirt for day wear. They seem to me to be very versatile and a key staple piece of any child’s summer wardrobe. I also love the length of them, not too long but also not too short and the thin cotton makes them easy to move around in as opposed to denim shorts that my boys always find too restrictive when they want to be climbing trees and charging through fields.

The items that were sent for Layla are just adorable. I love that their main colour is not pink. Don’t get me wrong I love her in a little pink dress from time to time but truth be told it does get a bit tiresome when all the clothes in the shops look the same.

This green Esther play suit however is just perfect. Not just because of the colour but also because it gives her so much freedom to run around in without flashing her nappy or tripping over a long skirt, yet at the same time she still looks girly. As with the T-shirt Connor tried you can tell this is made from good quality materials that will last. The onyl down side to this item is that it does not have any poppers on so when it comes to changing her nappy I have to take the whole thing off which is a bit annoying but wouldn’t put me off buying another one.

The Emilia Embroidered cardigan is £32 and also made from 100% organic cotton although it looks more like wool. I love the colours on all the flowers as it means it will go with so much in her wardrobe. A few of the flowers have frayed petals that come off the main material making it fun and great for sensory learning as children start to get used to different materials and textures. Layla loved playing with the little flowers on the arms, they fascinated her.

Overall I was very impressed with our Frugi products. I would highly recommend them as fun, well made and long lasting items that are also eco friendly and not overly expensive. You can check out their full rage online and do be sure to have a look at their sale section too to see if you can bag yourself some bargains.