Our Review Of Tree Top Trek Manchester

What is Tree Top Trek?

Tree Top Trek Manchester is a high rope course based in Heaton Park, similar to Go Ape.

There is a junior course which is available for children from the age of 5 and costs £18 per person and an older one for those that are a bit taller and more confident with heights.

The junior course starts at 5 meters high and features 16 fun challenges, including 3 zip lines.


tree top trek



Our Tree Top Trek Review

We arrived at Heaton Park and headed over to the Tree Top Trek before even telling the children what we going to be doing. As soon as the boys  found out they would be doing the tree top course they were ridiculously excited and so very thankful.  I have spoken many a time about their love for adventure and their ability to climb and how they spend more time up trees than on the floor, so this is the perfect activity and challenge for them.

We found the Tree Top Trek Manchester course to be relatively straight forward and as the harnesses can be lengthened and shortened at any point on the course it really is adaptable for the little ones, making this the perfect beginners tree top course for every child (and adult). In this way it is actually better than Go Ape for the younger/shorter ones.

One of the things that I wasn’t expecting was to be joined on the course with an instructor. They lead the way and help you whenever you may need it, which is different to Go Ape where you are left to go on your own after your safety briefing. At first this made me feel nervous, like I was being watched and judged but actually all the instructors that we met on the day were all so happy and friendly, especially the lady who took us round. She had so much patience with us, especially when my nerves were getting the better of me and chatted the boys at every opportunity.


Clearly our recent visit to Go Ape gave the boys a confidence boost as they took to Tree Top Trek Manchester with such ease and speed that even the instructor was impressed. And as they finished well within the hour, we were given the chance to go round again…..only this time wearing blindfolds.

tree top trek


Obviously I thought she was joking but nope she really did want two of us to wear blind folds whilst the other two lead them round the course.  We decided that the tiddler could lead daddy round and I would lead the big’un round. It was very nerve wracking but also hilarious. If you are given this option when you visit I highly recommend you try it.


At first everyone was being so serious and careful and then all of a sudden the tiddler told daddy to take a big step off the platform and onto a beam, only for there to be no beam as it was in fact the zip wire. He was so pleased with himself that I thought we would all fall out of the trees with laughter and poor daddy was just whizzing through the trees half laughing half screaming from shock. I’m not sure he really trusted him again after that.

tree top trek


Overall view of Tree Top Trek

I would highly recommend you visit Tree Top Trek Manchester and enjoy the junior course as a family, followed by a picnic in Heaton Park itself and a walk round the grounds as they are beautiful, you can really make a day of it. If you have more time to spare then check out our other suggestions for things to do in Manchester.



(We were gifted the tickets in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).