World Map Wallpaper by Wallsauce

Two years ago I turned our spare room into my office and decided to add a map of the world to one of the blank walls. I wrote a post about this and about how we are adding stickers to it every time we travel and how we could use it for cheap and interesting geography lessons. After writing the post I had a lot of messages from fellow parents who told me that they went out and bought a similar map and have done the same thing, which is just awesome. I love hearing how any of my articles have motivated you to do something or even avoid something or somewhere based on a post.

world map wallpaper

The map that I put up two years ago is still going strong although it is starting to look a little dog eared round the edges and hasn’t had as many new stickers added as I would like but travelling isn’t cheap when it has to be done around school holidays is it? The rest of my office however is looking a little tired now and despite absolutely loving all the pink I am thinking of freshening it up and maybe, just maybe, toning down some of the pink walls.

World Map Wallpaper and Murals

As I have been trawling through the black hole of endless procrastination fodder which is the internet I came across Wallsauce world map wallpaper and murals.   I am really tempted to upgrade from my shop bought map to one of these.  They have various styles and colours available from

the seemingly serious and sensible in black and white or sepia…


world map wallpaper


to the much more fun and child free in bright colours……

world map wallpaper

I think one of these would make a real statement piece and would be pretty impressive as a back drop for all my skype meetings too. Much more professional looking than my pretty pink parlour I currently have that must give some of my clients serious headaches and potential cause for concern for my sanity, although I do need to be clear I’m not loosing ALL the pink, just some of it, maybe.