Our Review Of The Easy Read Watch

You may remember a while ago we reviewed the Easy read time teacher wall clock which is still pride of place in my sons bedroom and has been a great help in teaching him to tell the time, as well as getting him to stay in bed till an appropriate hour too! Well as he is now getting a bit older we decided to get him one of the Easy Read watches and below you can read our review.

What is an Easy Read Watch?

The Easy Read Time Teacher products are designed to help children learn to tell the time. There are a number of products to choose from including watches, clocks and alarm clocks. You will often find these clocks on the walls in primary schools as they have proven to be a very successful resource for key stage 1 children.

What makes the Easy Read watches and clocks different to other brands is that they are specifically designed with cues to help the child including a past and to side, 1/4 or 1/2mark and each individual number for each individual minute.

These means children can quickly identify the exact time in 3 east steps

Read the number at the end of the long hand 

Say which side the long hand is pointing to

Read the number at the end of the short hand

It makes telling the time so easy when broken down into these easy to follow steps

12……minutes past…….6

easy read watch

Our review of the Easy Read watch

As previously mentioned, we already own the Easy Read wall clock  which we still love so I had high hopes for the watch and I was not disappointed.

What I love about most about the Easy Read watches, other than the obvious teaching design, is that although they are designed for children they are not too childish and older children will be more than happy to wear them too. The straps are all plain in design and you can order the watch with a grey, blue or purple strap for £19.95.  You can also order additional straps in an array of bright colours including red, yellow and pink for £4.95 if you have hild that loves a bit of colour. I love this idea as it means you can personalise the item using your child’s favourite colour or have a few different colours to match certain outfits if you wish. I also love the option of additional straps as it means that as the child grows the straps can be replaced for a fraction of the price of the watch which can then grown with them as they progress through school and go from wanting a bright red strap to show off to their mates to becoming more stylish and wanting a simple navy blue one to blend in more.

We found that the watch itself works brilliantly. It really helped our son to stop and think about the time and check it himself before he answered us. We also found it gave him the confidence to start telling the time on non easy read clocks too and when his homework included time telling he whizzed through it.

In my opinion the easy read time teaching range is brilliant for children of all ages, they are educational and stylish and would make great Christmas presents for key stage 1 children.