Why is Reading so Important for Children?

Learning to read is one of the most important life skills your child can develop. It is something they will start to explore when they start school or nursery, but as a parent you can also help  your child learn to read at home. There are many benefits to regular reading, as discussed below by an independent school in London.

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Improves Written and Verbal Communication Skills

One great advantage of reading is that it exposes children to new words that they might not otherwise come across, a great way to help develop their vocabulary. What’s more, it allows them to explore different sentence structures and improve upon their spelling and grammar.

An extensive vocabulary and excellent spelling and grammar skills are great because they help children become better at both written and verbal communication, which not only allows them to express themselves but will also help them in school.

Expands General Knowledge

Through books, children are able to learn about different historical events, different countries, or varying cultural traditions. Essentially, reading allows them to uncover information that they may not have learnt from the comfort of their own home.

An expansive general knowledge is great for a child’s overall development because it can help them academically, give them something to discuss in social situations, and help them feel more confident in their own awareness.

Reduces Stress

Reading is an amazing way to help children forget about things that might be worrying them or causing them stress. This is because a book has the power to transfer the reader into a different world. So, if your child struggles to sleep at night or suffers with anxiety, reading could be the answer.

Perhaps you could take a trip to the library together and encourage your child to pick out a book that interests them to help promote a love of reading. There’s no point in forcing them to read something just for the sake of it; they have to actually feel inspired by a novel in order for it to work its magic. Here are our recommendations for the best books for boys.