Helping Your Child Become More Confident

A confident child is generally a happy child. Confidence allows children to tackle a variety of challenges through their day without worry or anxiety. Some children are born with a sort of inbuilt confidence whereas others seem to second-guess everything they do. As parents it’s easy to blame ourselves for a child who lacks confidence but sometimes it’s nature rather than nurture. If your child seems to lack confidence, don’t despair – there are many things you can do to help them.

Pinpoint their insecurities

First of all, you need to understand exactly what it is that’s driving the lack of confidence. It could be that they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing and looking or sounding silly, it could be that they’re unsure of themselves physically, so might be reluctant to join in with certain games or activities, or it could be because they are shy. 

Once you’ve worked out why your child feels insecure, it’s easy to help them. A child who is scared to speak up is not in the minority, in fact it is a very common issue and one that can be improved over time. Sensitive, intelligent children are often scared of being laughed at so although they may know the answer they will frequently act like they don’t in class for fear of getting it wrong.

Try to ensure that your child feels valued for their thoughts and opinions at home. Take their observations seriously – don’t laugh at the silly little things they say too much but listen and observe them and try to be constructive.

For children who struggle physically, engage them in games at home or sign them up to extra curriculum activities away from school where there’s less pressure. Choose games which develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and make it fun, giving the lots of praise along the way.

Some games which help children’s hand eye coordination include the following –

· Catch

· Bowling

· Tiddlywinks

· Bat and ball

Once school begins for your child, you’ll find that between their teachers and their peers, they will learn more about themselves and confidence will begin to grow naturally. If you build a good relationship with your child’s teacher early on you will find it easier to communicate with them about your worries and concerns and seek help if needed.

This prep school in Middlesex ensures that children are regularly challenged to step outside of their comfort zone so that in time, their confidence grows and develops, and they discover more about their strengths.